DOCS Presents Interactive (((Live))) Streaming

DOCS Education exists for one driving purpose: to support dentists and their teams by providing opportunities for growth, development, and prosperity. 

Presently, our country finds itself facing record-high inflation rates. Interactive (((Live))) Streaming is a way for you and your team to attain or maintain the required education for sedation permitting and keep your costs down. No travel means no associated costs.

NOW is the time to take advantage of live-streaming and online courses and all its cost-saving benefits. The next event is available on October 6-7, 2023.

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Inspiring Faculty

Individually, the members of the DOCS Education faculty who’ll serve as the primary instructors are master practitioners.

Collectively, however, the DOCS Education faculty rise to a league of their own. As a team, the DOCS faculty are unequaled for their knowledge, experience, teaching talents, and – most importantly – effectiveness.

In short, they preach what they practice.

Dentists and team members will leave immediately ready to implement what they’ve learned.


Since 1999, DOCS Education courses have earned the distinction of featuring America’s Best Dental Faculty, led by Dr. Anthony S. Feck, Dean of Faculty. DOCS instructors are renowned for their interactive, hands-on teaching pedagogy that makes classes memorable, actionable, and enjoyable.

You’ll quickly understand why our 25,000-course alumni consistently rank our faculty their favorite instructors ever.

In the world of comic books, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Green Lantern comprise the core of the Justice League – superheroes who join forces to save the world from evildoers. Their sum is greater than their parts.

In the real world, we’ll bring together an assembly of awe-inspiring educators – we think of them as, “The Dental League” – who partner with you and your team members to eradicate patient fear, anxiety, pain, and the scourge of neglected oral health.


Fellowship award

Join our dedicated community of champions of healthcare excellence who provide the safest, state-of-the-art, dental services.

Our members stand ready to serve one another by sharing knowledge gained from years of practice pertaining to sedation and treatment protocols.  If should you ever have a patient in the chair and encounter a situation that requires an expert consultation, your membership entitles you to utilize our telephone hotline to quickly reach one of our faculty members for a consultation.  We've also got your back should you encounter a regulatory or legal issue.  Ours is the only dental organization in the nation with an on-call, full-time regulatory attorney available to advise members.

What matters most, however, are your patients and the advantages that membership ultimately confers on them.  As a member, you are part of a supportive network of professional colleagues who make you a better, more confident, more successful dentist.  Your patients receive the comfort of knowing that their doctor will provide them the very best, safest, most-comforting dentistry available anywhere.

DOCS Education always finds fresh opportunities to keep our members informed, engaged, connected, entertained, and poised for maximum success.

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IV Sedation Certification

The unique DOCS Training Program allows you to earn your IV Sedation permit primarily from home or office, satisfying moderate sedation requirements and protecting you from changing regulations.

You will complete 50 hours of at-home study plus 40 hours of in-person clinical and didactic training—including ACLS and airway management on high-fidelity patient simulators, and 20 live-patient experiences with a 1-to-1 faculty-to-student ratio.

This elite collaboration with Idaho State University Department of Dental Sciences and Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry awards you 90 hours of CE credit toward your Master’s and Fellowship in the AGD.

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Home Study

Having convenient options for earning continuing education (CE) credits is invaluable, especially when you don’t have time for travel.

DOCS Education offers a number of courses that can be completed online at your home or office, on your schedule.

Think differently, study better and get started today.

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Educational Products & Equipment

Designed for doctors, team, and patients

Created and tested by experienced professionals with a single purpose in mind - to help more people receive the care they deserve.

Doctor products simplify and accelerate the implementation of extraordinary levels of safe and effective delivery systems.  Help your dental team create a safer place for patients with products that strengthen confidence and the feeling of ownership.  Give patients hope, courage, and a reason to reach out to you with non-judgmental communication tools.

Cutting-Edge Dental News and Features

Incisor, the free biweekly dental industry newsletter from DOCS Education, is a living encyclopedia of relevant, timely, and actionable information for all oral health professionals.

Produced by a team of award-winning journalists, under the direction of DOCS Education’s distinguished faculty, Incisor articles include the latest protocol updates, case studies, technologies, practice management strategies, peer profiles, and courses and events of interest.

Subscribe for free here. No membership is required.

[In addition to receiving all fresh editions of Incisor, DOCS Education members have exclusive access the vast archives of past Incisor editions dating back nearly a decade. The archives are a unique resource for anyone needing in-depth research on sedation dentistry and related topics.]

October 06- 07, 2023
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