Michigan: Oral Sedation Dentistry Regulations

The Michigan Board of Dentistryrequires a dentist to complete a 60-hour I.V. sedation course, and administer 20 clinical patient cases before providing oral or IV conscious sedation to dental patients.*

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*When the intent is oral and nitrous Anxiolysis only, formal training is not required, but the ADA guidelines recommend at least 16 hours of training.

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Michigan: Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Regulations

Sedation dentistry for children is a unique science and requires pediatric-specific training. The standard of care for providing pediatric sedation requires several hours of instructive classroom training with clinically-oriented experiences. Learn more about Pediatric Sedation Training Courses availabe nationwide.


IV Sedation Regulations

Most states require dentists to complete a 60-hour didactic course followed by 20 actual clinical patient cases of IV administration plus a permit in order to provide their patients with IV sedation.Find an IV Sedation Training course