A ‘Best-in-the-Nation Sedation Dentist’ – Dr. Carol Wolff

DOCS Education is proud to showcase members of our "2018 Best-in-the-Nation Sedation Dentists" honor society. Through their dedication, training, and clinical experience, they’ve earned inclusion in “Best-in-the-Nation Sedation Dentists” honor society.


After more than three decades providing restorative, cosmetic, preventative, and sedation dentistry to her grateful patients, DOCS Education alumna Carol Wolff, DDS, will retire at the end of this month.

Dr. Wolff earned a well-deserved reputation at Maple Drive Dentistry in Atlanta for her commitment to running an open, honest, caring practice that provides quality dentistry. Since launching her own office in 1991, she has consistently embraced the use of new technologies and best practices.

A graduate of the Emory University School of Dentistry, Dr. Wolff has been a life-long learner, attending DOCS Education courses and the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne Florida, among other CE programs.

Appointed to the Georgia Board of Dentistry by then-Governor Zell Miller, Dr. Wolff served from 1998-2003, including two years as president. She was chairperson of the Board’s investigative committee.

In 2014, the Northern District Dental Association, which encompasses the greater Atlanta area, honored Dr. Wolff as its Dentist of the Year

With only days remaining before she retires, Dr. Wolff says she has mixed emotions, looking ahead with excitement to the new adventures that she and her husband, Joe, will enjoy; and looking back, with some nostalgia, when it comes to the thought of leaving the patients and colleagues with whom she has been so close.

When all is said and done, Dr. Wolff – who originally was an English major with a passion for poetry – the dental profession turned out to be her true calling.

“It’s definitely been a fabulous career,” she says.

[Be sure to hear Dr. Wolff’s recent telephone interview with Dean Rotbart, Incisor’s prize-winning editor-in-chief.]



[00:00] Congratulations on an exemplary career. How do you feel on the cusp of retirement?

[01:30] You hung out your own shingle in 1991. Can you estimate how many patients you’ve treated since then?

[02:03] How many women were in your class at Emory University School of Dentistry?

[02:44] What changes have you seen over the course of your career?

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[03:20] What inspired you to become a dentist initially?

[04:38] Her service on the Georgia Board of Dentistry.  “It was great.”

[05:47] “My husband says I have a problem saying, ‘No.’”

[06:17] Selected ‘Dentist of the Year’ in 2014.

[06:58] What accomplishments are you most proud of when you reflect on your career?

[07:45] “Saying goodbye to people as I’m starting to retire has been difficult.”

[08:07] No doubt you’ve inspired others to become dentists?

[09:00] When did you first start thinking about retirement?

[9:44] She sold her practice when she was 64 years old and agreed to stay on another three years.

[10:04] What is your wish for the future of the dental profession?

[11:38] Interview ends.


About Our “Best-in-the-Nation” Honor Society

While every dentist who provides patients with safe, effective sedation following the proprietary DOCS Education protocols deserves a salute, some of our most distinguished graduates have earned the hallmark of "Best in the Nation" - a designation our faculty and staff bestow on fewer than 1-in-every-200 of our alumni.

If you know of a DOCS Education alumnus who merits inclusion in our recognition program, please email us at Nominations@DOCSEducation.com. In 100 words or fewer, tell us why this dentist is among the elite of the elite. Please be sure to include your name and contact information, should we have any questions.

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