Dr. Potts with Whitney Booth, his chief operations officer (and daughter).
Dr. Potts with Whitney Booth, his chief operations officer (and daughter).

In each monthly edition of DOCS Community Digest, we showcase one of our outstanding members who through dedication, training, and clinical experience merits inclusion in our “Best-in-the Nation Sedation Dentists” honor society.

This month we salute Dr. David Potts, whose Lake County Dental Care has been serving the people of Libertyville, Illinois, and surrounding communities since April 1974.

Dr. Potts is known for his commitment to patient comfort and dental excellence. Thanks to word-of-mouth referrals from loyal patients, more than half the patient population of Lake County Dental Care consists of fearful patients who place their trust in Dr. Potts and his team.

Dr. Potts embraced oral conscious sedation early in his practice and subsequently earned the coveted Fellow [FDOCS] honorific for completing exceptional course and clinical work.

Perhaps most telling about Dr. Potts and the loyalty he instills in his fearful patients is the fact that he is now treating the grandsons and granddaughters of some of his earliest, most fearful, Libertyville patients.

DOCS Education is proud to showcase the work and career of long-time member Dr. David Potts. (You can read his official bio here.)






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[0:41] After 40 years of taking 100-200 hours of continuing education annually, what is left to learn?

[2:09] You’ve invested a lot of time and energy in the patient experience. How has that served you over the years?

[6:11] Dentistry has changed since you began. Do you still think it’s a great profession? Would you recommend it to your grandchildren?

[7:26] While many dentists with your experience are contemplating retirement, you have plans to expand your practice. Why?

[8:21] What has sedation dentistry meant to you and your practice?

[10:10] You are designing an entirely new space for your patients and your team. Why? How will it differ from the typical physical layout of a dentist’s office?

[12:29] What would you like your legacy to be?


About Our “Best-in-the-Nation” Honor Society

While every dentist who provides patients with safe, effective sedation following the proprietary DOCS Education protocols deserves a salute, some of our most distinguished graduates have earned the hallmark of "Best in the Nation" - a designation our faculty and staff bestow on fewer than 1-in-every-200 of our alumni.

If you know of a DOCS Education alumnus who merits inclusion in our recognition program, please email us at Nominations@DOCSEducation.com. In 100 words or fewer, tell us why this dentist is among the elite of the elite. Please be sure to include your name and contact information, should we have any questions.

By the way, feel free to nominate yourself. Who knows better than you what an outstanding job you're doing?

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