Gigantic Christmas Tree
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Queen Elizabeth II credits her great-great grandparents, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, for introducing the tradition of Christmas Trees to England in 1846, and by example to the British Empire and America.

A sketch of HRM Victoria, Albert, and their children gathered around a Christmas tree—published in The Illustrated London News—was the spark that ignited worldwide demand for the evergreens and their ornaments.

In the United States, public displays of Christmas trees began to take root during the administration of President Calvin Coolidge, who inaugurated the tradition of lighting the White House Christmas Tree in 1923.

Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their children
Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their children

The workers who were building the massive midtown Manhattan office and retail complex erected the first Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in 1931. Their tree, decorated with paper garlands, berries, and tin cans, stood a modest 20 feet tall. 

According to, Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states and provide jobs for 100,000 people, including at least part-time work for the smiling “Main Street” installer featured in the photo above.

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