Dental Marketing 101: How to Find and Attract New-to-Town Patients

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People are on the move. According to moving industry data, 28 million Americans – or approximately 8.4% – picked up and moved in 2021. While most moved within their current state, 17% migrated to a different state.

The common denominator for many relocating people will be the need for a new neighborhood grocery store, gym, daycare center, and, of course, dentist. So, how do you find and attract new neighbors to your dental practice? Let’s explore the best ways to welcome prospective patients to the area.

If new movers have many dental choices, especially in a saturated market, it’s important to showcase your unique value proposition (UVP). It may be a unique offering like sedation dentistry, on-site technology, or perhaps low-cost services for the whole family—but UVP is the factor that sets you apart from the rest.

Find New Movers With Digital Marketing

Considering most new residents will first go online to search for new services, using innovative digital marketing tools is a great place to “hook” those new patients. These may include any combination of the following:

  • Website Retargeting. Your ads follow visitors after they leave your site.
  • Google Business Profile. A free and simple way to get in front of online lookers.
  • Geofencing. An affordable tool that locates your new patients.
  • Keyword Retargeting. Use the keywords that new patients are using to draw them in.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Use a well-planned SEO strategy in your online content.
  • Social Media. It’s all about presence and engagement, no matter which platform.

Most of these digital tools allow you to target your marketing to new additions to the neighborhood and your ideal demographic and patient profile. When new movers find your website, make sure it’s easy to navigate and easily identifies your UVP.

Direct Mail and More

Direct mail postcards have long been a staple of dentists welcoming new movers to town, and for a very good reason – they work. According to a United States Postal Service (USPS) survey, while so much advertising has gone digital, people still love receiving mail. That can be especially true for new-to-town recipients getting to know businesses in the area.

The USPS and marketing companies like RAMP utilize data to reach the households that most accurately meet your target demographic in the most cost-effective way possible. If your postcard is appealing, informative, and offers a discount or freebie, it will stand out to newcomers in the community.

Another form of direct mail marketing is through companies like Welcome Wagon and Our Town America, which provide mailers and coupons specifically targeting new residents. The USPS offers similar advertising opportunities when people change addresses.

Beyond the Mailbox and Inbox

It’s always wise to be proactive when looking for and attracting new patients. In addition to a responsive, user-friendly website, monitor online reviews to ensure no negative feedback is dragging your rating down in the searches. Deal with them quickly and professionally according to online reputation management rules.

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best and most affordable tools for seeking new clients. By instituting a referral program, you can reward your current patients with a gift card or free whitening when they refer someone new to you.

Statistics show that June is the most popular month for moving so get started now on your new mover marketing strategy. Not sure where to start? Contact RAMP for a free consultation to determine the ideal combination of digital and traditional solutions to attract new neighbors to your practice.

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