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Inherent to the dental profession is the challenge of keeping yourself and your team current with a dizzying array of emerging science, advancing technology, business development and myriad other topics. To address this need, Sunrise Dental Solutions created The Dental Master Series Podcast, hosted by Dr. Matt VanderMolen.

Dr. VanderMolen is a dedicated student of successful business and leadership principles, constantly pursuing new methods that help keep dental practices on the leading edge of profitability. He has been a trusted dentist in Springfield and Central Illinois for well over three decades.

After completing his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Illinois in 1985, Dr. VanderMolen was selected for the Navy’s very prestigious postgraduate program in Advanced Dentistry at Bethesda Naval Hospital, eventually graduating 1st in his class in 1986. After completing a tour of duty in Italy, he was rated as the best Navy dentist throughout Europe. Following his service, he established a private practice in 1990, and now leads a team of 30, including two associate dentists.

Dr. VanderMolen is an outstanding coach and mentor who has dedicated part of his career to helping other dentists reach higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

The Dental Master Series podcast debuted on October 2, 2019, and has since garnered a 5-Star rating. Below are links to the two most recent episodes.

Winning With Your Team During Covid-19 And Beyond (6.6.20)

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Dr. John Phillips joins Dr. Matt VanderMolen in a timely discussion of "What does your team want?" Is it more money or benefits—or something more? What do good employees really need to be happy and productive in your office? John and Matt cover six specific answers to what your team is looking for today during COVID-19 and into the future. Some of these answers can be put into action the next day in your office at no cost to you while having a powerful impact on your team and your practice. Listen now and get started tomorrow!

Making a Successful Transition Back to Work After COVID-19 Quarantine (5.6.20)

In this episode Dr. John Phillips shares his successful start back into his practice on May 1st. He shares the steps he took up to his first day, and how he and his team worked together and worked their way back to being confident about their future after just three days in the office. Several points made in previous podcasts about growth in your practice are brought into sharper focus with this "new normal." By the end of this podcast, you will have a good sense of the direction you should take, and you will have a much brighter vision of what your future will bring.


Visit the Sunrise Dental Solutions website for the podcast at or find the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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