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You like dentistry. You want to perform dentistry. Do you want to spend your time worrying about office policies, or which state and federal rules apply to your dental office? What a headache.

On Tuesday, June 25 at 5:00 PST, Paul Edwards from CEDR will be bringing you a free webinar on office policies entitled “The Devil is in the Details.” This opportunity will provide information meant to make your life easier. You’ll find out which policies you can’t afford to get wrong, which policies you’re probably missing (and really, really need!) and why documentation is your best defense.

If you don’t have totally succinct, airtight and legally compliant policies, you’re potentially setting your practice up for disaster. For every one office policy you use, there are up to 50+ laws in 50 different states that regulate it.

The moral: it’s a bad idea to rely on unverified work! Out-of-date policies, non-custom employee handbooks and policies copied off the internet are often filled with holes. Far too many employers must settle or lose lawsuits because they are not protected by well-written policies.

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Want to do a little work now and save yourself a lot of work in the future? Take advantage of this free opportunity and become informed through“The Devil is in the Details.” This webinar is an excellent resource for protecting your practice and ensuring you don’t have to do back flips later due to a policy issue that could have been easily fixed.

Don’t become a victim of your own policies… learn how to identify bad policies before they become a problem.

We hope you’ll join us! Register for the webinar now by following this link.

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