Less than two months after the American Dental Association called for mandatory continuing education in prescribing opioids and other controlled substances, DOCS Education held its first course – designed specifically for dentists – offering a thorough overview of the topic.

Even though the 90-minute course, titled The New ADA Guidelines on Opioid Prescriptions, was held on a Saturday evening, nearly 100 dentists turned out to hear an engaging lecture by Dr. Leslie Shu-Tung Fang, DOCS Education’s esteemed physiology and pharmacology instructor. While maintaining an active international practice in Internal Medicine and Nephrology in Boston, Dr. Fang also serves as a key faculty member at Harvard Medical School and in postgraduate courses in medicine.

Dr. Fang explained the ADA's new opioid recommendations

Dr. Fang explained that the ADA’s new opioid recommendations are designed to optimize the use of non-narcotic painkillers. So during his lecture, Dr. Fang conducted an in-depth review of both the safe and necessary uses of opioids, as well as the most effective and safest alternative.

(Hear a 4-minute excerpt of Dr. Fang’s lecture by clicking on the audio player below.)

Dr. Fang estimated that only about 10 percent of the patients that dentists see will experience significant post-operative or post-treatment pain. Moreover, only about 5 percent of patients will feel pain that can be categorized as severe.

The Drug Enforcement Agency, state regulators, and the ADA have deliberately set the bar high for dentists before they are allowed to prescribe any narcotic, Dr. Fang noted.

Once dentists realize the hoops they are required to jump through to prescribe an opioid legally, Dr. Fang warned, “You’re going to take one look at this and say, ‘Wait a second here, you guys are making it painful to prescribe narcotics.’”

That, Dr. Fang added, is the objective.

“The whole point is to dissuade you from using an excessive – particularly unnecessary – amount of narcotics,” he explained.

The official textbook for Dr. Fang’s course on compliance with the ADA guidelines is his newly released 2018 Edition of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets, the comprehensive chair-side resource that thousands of dentists depend on daily to have up-to-date information at hand when they need to make important clinical decisions.

Dr. Fang’s Cheat Sheets deals specifically with the ADA’s new guidelines for opioid prescriptions

In addition to clearly spelling out the dental implications of the top 150 drugs prescribed in the United States, the 2018 edition of Dr. Fang’s Cheat Sheets deals specifically with the ADA’s new guidelines for opioid prescriptions.

DOCS Education and Dr. Fang made his 2 CE-credit class – held concurrently with DOCS Education’s Chicago conference – available for free to DOCS Education members who purchased a copy of the 2018 Edition of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets.

The same opportunity will be provided to DOCS Education members who register for our next Sedation and Advanced Dentistry Conference in Atlanta, to be held August 17th to 19th. For more information, contact Lindsay Olsen, our customer loyalty manager at 206-812-7712, or any member of our customer loyalty team.


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