A Full-Throttle Smile
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When gawking at all of the Corvettes gathered for the 6th National Corvette Caravan, visitors could be forgiven if they overlooked the convention of assembled happy faces. Yes, owning a great sports car is a perfect reason to crack a full-throttle smile.

This couple’s Corvette was one of hundreds of Chevrolet Stingrays—both vintage and modern—that envious drivers along Interstate-70 Eastbound may have spotted last month. The parade of sports cars was part of regional caravans—from west to east, north to south—that converged in Bowling Green, Kentucky to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the National Corvette Museum.

The Corvette Caravan, like the cars themselves, is quite exceptional. It takes place only once every five years.

Whether they drive Corvettes, minivans, bikes, or get to their photoshoots on foot, professional We Believe in Smiles™ photographers span the globe in search of radiant, life-affirming smiles. You can browse an inspiring gallery of more than 850 WBIS photos here.

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Photography by Avital portrait first posted online in September, 2019. ©2019 We Believe in Smiles.™ All rights reserved. To inquire about purchasing or leasing a photo canvas of this or any other WBIS photograph for your office or home, phone 844-228-4825.

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