Things are tough all over due to the war on the coronavirus—and you may be feeling the pinch at your practice—but there are bright spots too. One of those particularly relevant for dentists is a recently launched free marketing resource.

The Monday Morning Marketing Minute (MMMM) is a new FREE marketing advice video series produced by RAMP Results. Every Monday morning these one-minute videos will be packed with great marketing information you can implement immediately to boost your results.

In the inaugural video, Joe Barton discusses Geofencing and its powerful potential as a tool to identify and market to potential patients using their very own mobile devices. It’s leading-edge technology with laser-precision targeting capabilities and high conversion rates. Other videos currently on the page include advice on: Keyword Retargeting, Budgeting, Responsive Websites, Patient Reactivation, Magazine Readership Numbers, and Newspaper Ad Sizes.

A new video featuring a fresh topic is added each week.

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You can access the MMMM page and subscribe here

Soon (we hope), the virus will abate, the “sheltering in place” will end, and business will resume. A number of economists expect pent-up demand to burst upon the market, and those dentists with smart marketing strategies in place stand to gain new patients and earn robust returns to help reverse losses.

Get the scoop and find out how a minute a week can transform your practice to bring more patients in the door. It will be an important time to be visible, and MMMM can help you prepare!

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