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We know why George Washington didn’t smile much – bad teeth. As for Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, we suspect they simply hadn’t heard of the We Believe in Smiles™ campaign.

Nonetheless, millions of tourists annually make the pilgrimage to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial in Keystone, South Dakota, to gander at the magnificent stone busts of four of our greatest presidents, carved by Gutzon Borglum and 400 workers out of the fine-grained granite of the Black Hills.

Of all the great men at Mt. Rushmore, without question, the happy woman in this photo picked the man with the warmest smile.


Whether in Keystone, South Dakota or the great Keystone State of Pennsylvania, professional WBIS photographers span the globe in search of radiant, life-affirming smiles. Want to see more great smiles? You can enjoy a gallery of almost 400 WBIS photos here.

Daily on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the We Believe in Smiles™ campaign posts a fresh portrait of an individual (or individuals) who reminds us all of the magic of a healthy smile. DOCS Education is proud to be the founding global sponsor of WBIS, whose message is simple: No politics. No marketing. No B.S.



(Photography by Avital portrait first posted online June 30, 2018. ©2018 We Believe in Smiles™. All rights reserved. To inquire about purchasing or leasing a photo canvass of this or any other WBIS portrait for your office or home, phone 844-228-4825.)

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