The Heart Failure Association of America is currently hosting Heart Failure Awareness Week. High blood pressure is a risk factor in heart failure, and as a dentist it is important to ensure that all your pulse oximeter accessories are up to date for your patients’ safety. Please replace the following expired equipment to ensure it will be ready
whenever you need it.

Finger sensors

These have an average lifespan of 18-24 months. Worn-out finger sensors can lead to inaccurate Sp02 readings.

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Blood pressure cuffs

Blood pressure cuffs have an average lifespan of 12-18 months. The Velcro on the cuff can begin to buckle, causing inaccurate blood pressure readings.

DOCS Education recommends that doctors keep double sets of finger sensors and blood pressure cuffs as a safety precaution.

For more information regarding these products please contact us by email or call (877) 812-0130.

The information contained in this, or any case study post in Incisor, should never be considered a proper replacement for necessary training and/or education regarding adult oral conscious sedation. Regulations regarding sedation vary by state. This is an educational and informational piece. DOCS Education accepts no liability whatsoever for any damages resulting from any direct or indirect recipient's use of or failure to use any of the information contained herein. DOCS Education would be happy to answer any questions or concerns mailed to us at 3250 Airport Way S, Suite 701 | Seattle, WA 98134. Please print a copy of this posting and include it with your question or request.
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