What Happened to the Houston Astros’ Hacker?
“What Happened to the Houston Astros’ Hacker?” from the October 8, 2018 issue of Sports Illustrated

If you’re a diehard baseball fan, or you closely follow the St. Louis Cardinals, you likely know who Christopher “Chris” J. Correa is. What you may not know is how much he values the proper care of his teeth.

Once the Cardinals’ whiz-kid scouting director, until recently Correa passed his time as inmate 04550-479 at the federal prison camp in Cumberland, MD.

How Correa ended up there is spelled out in the current issue of Sports Illustrated.

The short version is that the ambitious Cardinals analyst hacked into the internal database of the Houston Astros, repeatedly accessing the Astros’ online scouting databases.

As Sports Illustrated reported back in 2016, when Correa was sentenced to 46 months in prison, Correa “studied the team’s weekly digest page, which identified draft prospects and how Houston’s scouts had evaluated those players. Correa also observed how the Astros’ analytics staff ranked hitters and pitchers.”

Now 38 years old, Sports Illustrated updates the tale of who it calls the “Houston Astros’ Hacker” in its October 8th edition.

It is these two paragraphs, however, that caught our attention and that are likely to be of interest to dentists, even those who don’t know the infield fly rule from fly fishing.

What do you do on the day before you go to jail? Correa went to the dentist. He had heard that prison dentists don't offer to fill decayed teeth with your choice of amalgam, gold, or porcelain. They just pull them. And he had a cavity. "Can we schedule another appointment for six months from now?" the receptionist asked him.

"I'm going to be out of town for a while," Correa said.

According to the magazine, due to his good behavior, among other factors, Correa’s original sentence has been reduced, and he was transferred from prison to a halfway house in July. If all goes well for him, he should be free on supervised release by year’s end.

What can we say about Correa?

His ethics are certainly questionable, but not his oral hygiene.

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