How do you attract patients to your practice in an increasingly competitive environment? Perhaps you've dipped your toe in the waters of social media advertisement and are looking for a way to turbocharge this new channel for your practice. Consider making a practice video advertisement!

Video advertisements have a number of advantages over traditional ads:

  • Videos are more attention-getting and engaging than still images.
  • Video advertisements are viewed as more professional than banner ads.
  • Patients actually get to see and picture their experience at your practice. Imagining their experience is an important part of making the decision to pick up the phone.

So what should a good video advertisement include? Well, that's up to you, so have some fun with it! The best ads set up a problem to which you, the business, are the solution. The vast majority of video ads are 30 seconds or less, but if you think you can hold the audience's attention for longer, they can stretch to one minute.

Don't consciously try to "make a commercial." Research has shown that the more traditional "sales language" a piece contains, the more turned off customers are to the business. The best videos are short, relevant and honest. Humor is welcomed by most audiences, especially if it is self-deprecating in some way, since viewers interpret that as the business showing, "we're just like you." Make sure your video gives patients an idea of how they'll be treated in your practice, by both staff and clinicians, since you'll likely be using this video on your practice website, your Facebook page and any other social media accounts.

Finally, unless you're already an audio/video enthusiast, don't try to shoot this yourself on top of your dental duties. Hire a videographer experienced in making videos for small businesses, and if you're concerned about price, try advertising your needs at a local film or art school. Another option is the YouTube Director program. At the time of writing, if you live in any of several major cities, you can get a 30-second ad directed, shot, edited for free by a YouTube video contractor if you pledge $150 or more in online advertising. This is a fantastic opportunity for those with zero video knowledge to get a solid product cheaply and easily, and it's a good way to be guided by an expert into online advertising if you've never done it before.

So, go be creative! Toss ideas around with the staff and associates. Figure out what makes your practice special, and tell that story. "If you film it, they will come."

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