The Incisor Newsletter Reaches a Significant Milestone ­­– Its 300th Issue!

Marking this Tricentennial issue, we reflect on the Incisor's humble beginnings, coverage over the years, accomplishments, and what lies ahead.

By Genni Burkhart

The Incisor's Founding Mission

When Dr. Michael Silverman, co-founder, and president of DOCS Education, started the Incisor in 2008, his goal was to further the mission of educating dental professionals and keeping DOCS Education members and sedation course graduates well-informed about developments that impact them and their patients. Under the direction of Dr. Silverman, the Incisor has been an informative resource of relevant, timely, and practical information for oral health professionals for 15 years.

Produced by a team of respected writers, scientists, journalists, marketing professionals, and editors, the Incisor reaches over 70,000 dental professionals on topics ranging from dental science, practice management, legal and regulatory issues, technology, economics, continuing education, health & wellness, research, patient care, pop culture, interviews, and issues around public health and the pandemic.

The 2023 DOCS Education Incisor Team Includes:

  • Michael Silverman, DMD, and President of DOCS Education
  • Leslie S. T. Fang, MD, Ph.D., DOCS Education Medical Director
  • Cori Ricca, Marketing Director
  • Genni Burkhart, Editor in Chief
  • Susan Richards, Senior Copywriter
  • Michael Murdock, Web Developer
  • Molly Briones, Marketing Coordinator
  • Coni Fadigan, Chief of Staff

“The Incisor is the ‘paper-of-record’ for every dentist and team member who joins us in our commitment to the highest standards of patient safety and care," Dr. Michael D. Silverman explains. “I am so proud to be celebrating the 300th edition of the Incisor. When I look back on the evolution of this dental resource, I am proud that it continues to deliver timely, substantive, and actionable information to the dental profession. What good is news if you can’t do anything about it?”

The Incisor has received Apex Awards for Publication Excellence in Newsletters – Electronic & Email and Writing - Health & Medical in 2019, 2021, and 2022, with another submission this year in the same categories.

Covering Relevant Issues in Dentistry

Since the premier issue of the Incisor in 2008, dentistry has seen tremendous changes. While technology has provided much of the advancement, the COVID-19 pandemic might have been the most impactful on dentistry and oral healthcare.

Looking back at some of our most popular articles since our 200th issue in 2018, leading topics revolve around SARS-CoV-2 with guidance and knowledge by DOCS' own Leslie S.T. Fang, MD, Ph.D. Dr. Fang plays an integral part in developing the curriculum for DOCS Education and has provided several seminars on various issues relevant to sedation dentistry.

Some of the most popular Incisor articles over the past five years include:

Throughout the years, the Incisor has interviewed countless leading health, science, and medical research experts. Some highlights include:

  • Matt Richtel, author and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist
  • Dr. Cappellini, a lead author on the research initially published in Nature (September 2019), is an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen and affiliated with the Centre for GeoGenetics, Natural History Museum of Denmark
  • Dr. Eric Seibel, Ph.D. lead researcher at the University of Washington
  • Dr. Sherif Elsharkawy, BDS dentist and oral surgeon researching tissue engineering
  • Dr. Umuhire Ntabana, DMD Rwandan refugee, scholar, and recent Tufts University graduate

Along with covering subjects related to science, research, technology, practice management, and legal/regulatory issues, the Incisor has also covered lighter topics such as dogs in the dental practice, using humor as a secret weapon, throwing a holiday staff party to remember, dental podcasts worth a listen, a DIY dentistry smackdown, and a dentist trained to treat wildlife.

Looking Ahead

As we head into a new year with 300 issues behind us, the Incisor looks forward to expanding our coverage of the latest trends, topics, and issues that matter most to our readers. With ever-changing regulations, the DOCS Regulatory Counsel remains our in-house legal expert. Staffed by talented writers, guest authors, and professional experts, the future looks bright as the Incisor forges ahead toward its quadricentennial 400th issue in 2028!

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Author: With over 13 years as a published journalist, editor, and writer Genni Burkhart's career has spanned politics, healthcare, law, business finance, technology, and news. She resides on the western shores of the idyllic Puget Sound, where she works as the Editor in Chief for the Incisor at DOCS Education out of Seattle, WA.

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