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Improve the longevity and success of your patient’s teeth and dental devices with an invisible coat of protection for patients with root sensitivity by adding the DentaKOTE™ line of products to your practice today.

By DOCS Education Staff

With high standards for dental education and products, DOCS Education only works with (and recommends) products in the dental industry that are proven safe and effective. Improving the quality of patients’ lives while doing no harm is our top priority – which is why it’s important for us to periodically source new and inventive solutions that can greatly benefit patients and dentists alike. One such product is DentaKOTE™. With the science behind DentaKOTE™ and DentaKOTE S™ for sensitive teeth, DOCS Education highly recommends this super hydrophobic prophylactic treatment for use on teeth and dental devices.

In fact, we believe in this product so much, that as a sedation company, we’re excited to now offer this non-sedation product to our members – it’s that good. Why? Because much like sedation, the DentaKOTE™ and DentaKOTE S™ lines have the potential to significantly impact the lives of dental patients for the better.

A Life-Changing Product

DentaKOTE™ and DentaKOTE S™ have been proven to be safe and effective when applied very thinly (1-micron thickness) to any smooth surface including directly on teeth. As the product is applied, it bonds instantly with any surface and doesn’t require a “curing or drying period.” Upon application, it becomes one with the surface and cannot be easily removed without using aggressive measures. DentaKOTE™ is resistant to heat, chemicals, mastication of food, and toothbrushing.

Although the original purpose of the polymer was to impede the formation of microbiota (the root cause of dental plaque) on teeth and prosthetics, it’s proven to be valuable for dental implants as well.

DentaKOTE™ Clinical Studies

One of the main causes of implant failure besides malocclusion is cervical bacteria. The colonization of toxic bacteria often leads to several undesirable events such as bone loss and peri-implantitis. There has been substantial clinical support in the management of peri-implantitis, but with little success.

Initial clinical testing has demonstrated that using DentaKOTE™ during implant insertion, interface of implant, abutment, and prosthesis had reduced bacterial-related failures.

Over 300 patients had DentaKOTE™ applied using the specified application and applicator to prostheses and teeth. Patients were seen several times over several months post-application. And it's important to note that final conclusive results take months of follow-up recall visits to verify.

For those patients that had the product placed directly on teeth, there was a significant decrease in the amount of attached calculus and plaque in the problematic areas. On prosthetic devices, the following observations were consistently observed:

  • On dentures and partials, less plaque and calculus and a significant decrease in the foul odor that prosthetic devices can emit.
  • On dental implants directly restored, a decrease in cervical inflammation at the site and less plaque accumulation.
  • On full arch screw-down implant prosthetics, there was a remarkable decrease in the quantity of debris and calculus attached to the prosthetic device. This was true on both the intaglio surface and the surrounding lingual and flange areas.

These findings were remarkable, especially on full arch dental implant prosthetics. By minimizing the damaging effects of bacterial adherences and biofilm, it greatly enhances the longevity and beauty of a dental prosthesis and minimizes the oral bacteria being linked to heart disease and strokes.

Top 10 Benefits of DentaKOTE™

  1. Reduces the accumulation of bacterial microbiota on restorations.
  2. Lowers the incidence of peri-implantitis.
  3. Simplifies patient home hygiene around restorations.
  4. Helps to prevent cervical bone loss due to bacterial invasion.
  5. Prevent stains and odors from restorations.
  6. Reduces dental staff burden and time in cleaning dentures and prosthetics.
  7. Can significantly lower restoration do-overs (remakes).
  8. Improves restoration longevity…stays newer & fresher.
  9. Decreases gingival irritations around restorations.
  10. Significantly reduces/eliminates odors from removable restorations.

Sensitive Teeth Benefit from DentaKOTE S™

More than 45 million adults suffer from overly sensitive teeth in the United States, affecting more women than men. Solving this pain issue for patients has been a challenge due to delayed and incomplete results, until now.

Would you ask your patient with severe root sensitivity to swish ice-cold water in their mouth? Probably not. But with DentaKOTE S™ you could with complete confidence. Here are a few other benefits of DentaKOTE S™:

  1. Eliminate root sensitivity immediately.
  2. Halts patient complaints regarding the poor efficacy of other products.
  3. Applied by staff in minutes, increasing practice productivity.
  4. Excellent source of passive revenue generation for dental practices.
  5. Incredible results aid in additional referral generation.

DentaKOTE S™ gel is a self-bonding, gas-permeable, PH-stable biopolymer. This superhydrophobic prophylactic treatment is for use on exposed root surfaces of natural teeth where sensitivity isn’t a result of underlying pathology. Durable and biocompatible, it’s safe and effective for all patients regardless of age.

The colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid is easily applied to the exposed root surfaces causing the sensitivity. DentaKOTE S™ spreads to one micron thin and creates an exceptionally non-adhesive surface which impedes the adherence of food particles and bacteria while providing instant relief from sensitivity.

The typical duration on natural teeth is six months to a year before reapplication is recommended. However, severe cases of sensitivity may require sooner treatment.

Add DentaKOTE to Your Practice

DOCS Education is now offering this product directly to members on our website. Improve the longevity and success of your patient’s teeth and dental devices with an invisible coat of protection by adding DentaKOTE™ and DentaKOTE S™ for patients with root sensitivity to your practice today.

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