The DOCS incremental oral sedation protocols are considered moderate sedation and require a Class I (moderate oral) sedation permit in Maryland. The Class I permit requires, among other things, an office inspection by the Board. Two Board-appointed dentists who already have their permits will be scheduled ahead of time to come to your office. They will run you through emergency scenarios and ask you questions regarding emergency procedures. These inspectors are likely to have Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification and, accordingly, their scenarios and questions reflect that training. Several DOCS “Oral Sedation Dentistry” course attendees have approached me with their inspection stories and imparted that the main reason they passed their office inspection was because of their DOCS Dental Advanced Life Support (DALS) training. The DALS course is AHA-certified is specifically geared toward achieving hands-on proficiency in advanced emergency procedures in the dental office setting. Find available training courses If you are a Maryland dentist trying to obtain a Class I permit, you may want to consider taking the DALS course.


Effective June 1, 2011: Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Rule §110.5 will require dentists to complete a 24-hour accredited training course with 10 clinically-oriented experiences, and obtain a Level 2 permit before providing their patients with moderate sedation using oral sedatives.* Find available training courses * When the intent is minimal sedation with a single oral sedative (with or without nitrous), a 16-hour course will be required. Dentists holding an oral sedation permit before June 1, 2011 will be grandfathered into minimal sedation, but are allowed to provide moderate oral sedation until January 1, 2013. In order for grandfathered dentists to continue providing moderate oral sedation after January 1, 2013, they must complete all the training requirements for moderate oral sedation before that date.

The information contained in this, or any case study post in Incisor, should never be considered a proper replacement for necessary training and/or education regarding adult oral conscious sedation. Regulations regarding sedation vary by state. This is an educational and informational piece. DOCS Education accepts no liability whatsoever for any damages resulting from any direct or indirect recipient's use of or failure to use any of the information contained herein. DOCS Education would be happy to answer any questions or concerns mailed to us at 3250 Airport Way S, Suite 701 | Seattle, WA 98134. Please print a copy of this posting and include it with your question or request.
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