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The world’s great baristas and roasters are usually associated with the cafes of Vienna, Sao Paulo, Havana, and even Seattle.

But Creature Coffee in Austin, Texas—where this smiling barista works—is giving the global coffee elite a run for their money. The shop relies on local specialty roasters to please the palates of their hometown fans, who it turns out, love their java almost as much as their barbeque and live music.

Austinites can get their daily fix of Creature Coffee in three ways: from its brick-and-mortar location in the heart of East Austin; online where aficionados (whether or not in Texas) can choose from more than 200 distinct variety of beans to be delivered fresh to their door; or at pop-up coffee bars. Lucky corporate clients include American Express, Mercedes-Benz, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, and Zendesk.

Whether in the Live Music Capital of the world, or the coffee-growing regions of Brazil—Mogiana, Sul Minas and Cerrado—professional We Believe in Smiles™ photographers span the globe in search of radiant, life-affirming smiles. You can browse an inspiring gallery of more than 875 WBIS photos here.

Daily on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, We Believe in Smiles™ posts a fresh portrait of an individual (or individuals) who reminds us all of the magic of a healthy smile. DOCS Education is proud to be the founding global sponsor of WBIS, whose message is simple: No politics. No marketing. No B.S.



Photography by Avital portrait first posted online in September 2019. ©2019 We Believe in Smiles.™ All rights reserved. To inquire about purchasing or leasing a photo canvas of this or any other WBIS photograph for your office or home, phone 844-228-4825.

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