Daniel Whittington, Roy H. Williams, and Ryan Deiss
Daniel Whittington, Roy H. Williams, and Ryan Deiss
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Like Alexandre Dumas’ musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, these three debonair amigos – marketing noblemen each – are an unstoppable team helping small business owners, restaurateurs, and other entrepreneurs cross swords with the competitive forces that confronting daily.

Meet smiling Daniel Whittington, Roy H. Williams, and Ryan Deiss, photographed along an ancient walking trail overlooking the Texas Hill Country on the magical campus of The Wizard Academy. The Academy is a globally renowned, nontraditional, nonprofit school that teaches the communications arts in small, two- and three-day classes for business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and other open-minded thinkers.

The communications arts include speaking (sales presentations and speeches,) writing (ads, information, business books, screenplays, and novels) public relations, music, painting, and photography.

The Wizard Academy was co-founded in 2000 by Williams (photo center) and his wife Pennie with the mission of helping people achieve their objectives, goals, and dreams. It has attracted thousands of business owners and continues to transform small businesses and practices into large ones.

Wizard of ads trilogy

Williams is the founder of Roy H. Williams Marketing and the author of the best-selling Wizard of Ads marketing trilogy: The Wizard of Ads; Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads; and Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads. He is also the co-author of Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict our Future. Williams Marketing has affiliated offices throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Ryan Deiss (photo right) has been called one of the world's leading digital marketers by Shark Tank star, Daymond John. Deiss is the founder of multiple companies, including DigitalMarketer, author of two books, and one of the most dynamic speakers on marketing in the United States today. His annual Traffic & Conversion Summit is the largest marketing event in North America. Deiss currently serves as chairman of the board of The Wizard Academy.

(Click here to stream or download a free podcast, Two Living Legends of Marketing Offer You Actionable Tips for Success, featuring Roy H. Williams and Ryan Deiss .)

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Daniel Whittington (photo left) is the creator of The Whisky Marketing School at The Wizard Academy and former vice-chancellor of the Academy. He is a marketing and social media savant who uses his knowledge to teach restaurant owners and bartenders how to generate increased income and prestige for their businesses.

Nothing makes business owners smile like a successful marketing campaign.

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