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Safe & Effective
Pediatric Oral Sedation Dentistry


Learn how to integrate "one visit" protocols into your practice from the safety and comfort of your home. Earn 16 CE hours.

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When practicing pediatric sedation dentistry, advanced airway management skills are critical to keeping you and your patients safe. In this one-day, hands-on, practical course, through repetition, you will become proficient at different techniques for airway management and resuscitation. The course includes Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification skills check-off. This course will earn 10 hours of CE and will fulfill your state’s recertification conditions and deliver a unique educational experience that is at once enriching, stimulating, and fun.

*Check with DOCS Education’s Regulatory Counsel for your specific state requirements.


Course Objectives

  • Master the five patient scenarios that compromise effectiveness when applying manual resuscitation with a bag valve mask.
  • Apply surgical advanced airway techniques on animal cadaver tissue.
  • Practice patient assessment, advanced airway techniques, defibrillation, and vascular (intraosseous) access using patient simulators.
  • Recognize the signs of an airway emergency using monitoring equipment appropriate for the dental office.
  • Understand the most effective administration of epinephrine for an acute emergency.
  • Take and pass the skill check-off for the American Heart Association’s PALS certification or recertification parts 2 and 3.
  • Six scenarios practiced on the high-fidelity human simulators that have direct application for pediatric dentists who sedate children in their office – APAM (see description below)

Assume that an emergency will happen in your office. Be prepared.


Tailored for the Dental Office

The DOCS Education Pediatric Advanced Airway Management course is specifically designed to address the needs and limits of the typical dental office. After taking this course you will know how to provide effective ventilation with the tools and equipment you have available to you.

The DOCS Education advanced airway management instructors bring decades of experience in emergency medicine and pediatric sedation to lead attendees through a series of airway emergency scenarios.

Safe and Effective Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Whether you are an experienced sedation dentist or new to pediatric sedation, the Safe and Effective PSD course is a great addition to the hands-on Airway course. This program consists of 2 days of training. The first day is taken as a self-study program followed by a live, two-way, video session with faculty to discuss the content studied and review all questions. The second day is a (((Live))) Streaming lecture that completes the training. When these two courses are taken together, they qualify for many state regulations to practice pediatric sedation and earn 25 hours of AGD participation credit.


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The Payoff

After just one or two days, you’ll return to your practice with a renewed confidence in your pediatric sedation mastery, a deeper sense of professional satisfaction, and fresh inspiration to continue in the service of your patients and community.

DOCS Education, an AGD/Pace-approved provider since 2000, is the nation’s premier educator of safe sedation dentistry protocols, having trained more than 23,000 dentists.

Dentists and their team members consistently rank DOCS Education seminars among the best training opportunities out there.

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As a doctor who has countless hours of CE, the thing that impressed me most was not that the information was communicated in a fun and professional way, but that it was effectively communicated in a fun and professional way.
Chad Latino, DDS
The instructors have an easy-going, reassuring way they present the material, showing they wanted us to be comfortable with it.
Rick Hagstrom, DDS
Attending DOCS Education courses has made me a better dentist and transformed my career.
Dr. Rich Gesker

You’ll be immersed in Advanced Pediatric Airway Module with High Fidelity Human Simulation (APAM)

Faculty bring decades of experience in emergency medical services and sedation in order to lead attendees through six emergency scenarios.

These six scenarios will be programmed into the high-fidelity human simulators that have direct applications for pediatric dentists who sedate children in their office. These include preparation for scenarios including:

  • Asthma: A patient may experience an attack while under sedation, thus causing an airway emergency.
  • Excess of local anesthetic: A patient could experience an overdose (toxicity) of local anesthesia causing a biphasic (excitation then depression) reaction.
  • Allergic reaction: This could result in first a cutaneous reaction progressing to anaphylaxis with airway emergency.
  • Sinus Tachycardia (ST) or Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT): Possibly from elevated temp, stress, etc. during sedation requiring initial vagal stimulation.
  • Foreign body introduction: Gauze, tooth, crown, bur, etc. in the oropharyngeal area during sedation causing an airway emergency.
  • Diabetes: The patient could experience an episode of hypoglycemia during sedation.

Doctor and Team:

  • Airway evaluation
  • Review of six real-life emergency scenarios
  • Protection and positioning equipment
  • Monitoring and emergency preparedness

DOCS Education strongly encourages dentists to enroll in the American Heart Association's HeartCode PALS Part 1 prior to enrolling in Pediatric Sedation Dentistry. If you successfully complete HeartCode PALS Part 1, you have the opportunity to become PALS-certified or re-certified by attending Pediatric Sedation Dentistry, which fulfills Parts 2 and 3. However, spaces for recertification testing will be limited. If you are interested in becoming certified or recertified, please inquire with your Customer Service Representative to learn more.

Advanced Pediatric Airway Module with High Fidelity Human Simulation (APAM)

A pediatric emergency could occur on any patient in your practice. In either situation, you are the first responder. Are you prepared? Can you recognize pediatric emergencies and manage successful outcomes? Are your “hands-on” life support skills current?

APAM stands for Advanced Pediatric Airway Module. This device is a replica of a pediatric patient. By perfectly mimicking real patient behavior, the APAM helps in the training process to provide doctors with the skills for safe and effective airway management.




(Hours - AGD Code - Definition)

10 - 142 Emergency Training/CPR

TOTAL: 10 hours (participation)  


Practical application of sedation technique. Real life training.

Chad Evans

Hands-on training, advanced airway, and explanation were the most valuable aspects. Excellent presenters. Keep up the good job.

Claudia Contreras

Learning dental emergencies that could happen at any time was most valuable. All the cases are easy to learn and understand. Great class, great faculty, great staff!

Wissam Ayoub

Loved the hands-on working with manikins and animal parts. Best was the simulated emergency situation. Everything was important - appreciated helpful, practical tips.

Leslie Haller

How can I meet my state’s requirements?

To learn more about how DOCS Education’s full range of courses can satisfy your state’s regulatory requirements, visit This unique online resource is kept up-to-date with the latest in sedation legislation by DOCS Education’s fulltime regulatory counsel. Contact one of our course advisers with any questions or visit our course listings to see upcoming classes and locations.

DOCS Education courses carry the AGD PACE certification

DOCS Education is the nation’s premier provider of safe sedation and advanced dentistry education, having trained almost 24,000 dentists. Since 2000, our courses have been accepted by the AGD for Fellowship/Mastership and membership maintenance credit. We offer extensive CE opportunities, both in-person and online, that meet your needs.

What is DOCS Education?

DOCS Education is an exclusive community of professionals serving at the forefront of dentistry. We offer world-class courses on safe sedation and advanced dentistry, relying on instructors who are consistently ranked among the very best in the nation. We also are a supportive network of members who guide one another to be better, more confident, more successful dentists.