Course Description:

When practicing sedation dentistry, advanced airway management is a critical skill to keep you and your patients safe. In this one-day course, through repetitive hands-on training, you will become proficient at applying different techniques for airway management and resuscitation.

Course Objectives

  • Master the five patient types that compromise effectiveness when applying manual resuscitation with a bag valve mask.
  • Apply surgical advanced airway techniques on animal tissue.
  • Perfectly practice patient assessment, airway and advanced airway techniques, external defribillation and intravenous and intraossesous access using patient simulators.
  • Recognize the signs of an airway emergency using monitoring equipment appropriate for the dental office.
  • Understand the most effective administration of epinephrine for an acute emergency.

Don't assume that an emergency won't happen in your office. Be prepared.

Tailored for the Dental Office

The DOCS Education Advanced Airway Management course is specifically designed to address the needs and limits of the typical dental office. After taking this course you will know how to provide effective ventilation with the tools and equipment you have available to you.

The DOCS Education advanced airway management instructor, John Bovia, brings 30 years of experience in emergency medical services to lead attendees through several airway emergency scenarios.

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"The instructors have an easy-going, reassuring way they present the material, showing they wanted us to be comfortable with it."

- Rick Hagstrom, DDS

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(Hours - AGD Code - Definition)

7.5 - 142 Emergency Training/CPR

TOTAL: 7.5 hours (participation)  


Practical application of sedation technique. Real life training.

Chad Evans

Hands-on training, advanced airway, and explanation were the most valuable aspects. Excellent presenters. Keep up the good job.

Claudia Contreras

Learning dental emergencies that could happen at any time was most valuable. All the cases are easy to learn and understand. Great class, great faculty, great staff!

Wissam Ayoub

Loved the hands-on working with manikins and animal parts. Best was the simulated emergency situation. Everything was important - appreciated helpful, practical tips.

Leslie Haller


Jim Bovia
Jim Bovia, EMT


May 18-20, 2018

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