Course Description:

This 3 CE Credit Course Includes a Comprehensive Chair-Side Guide Covering the Dental Implications of the Top 150 Drugs Prescribed in the United States

The ADA is calling on every dentist in America to receive continuing education in prescribing opioids and other controlled substances. The policy is virtually guaranteed to be codified into law by many state dental boards.

When it comes to understanding dental physiology and pharmacology, there is no better, more engaging instructor than Dr. Leslie Shu-Tung Fang. His exclusive study-at-home course, providing 3 CE credits, has received a 100% positive rating.


A Course That Conforms to the New ADA Policy on Opioids

Course Description:

Several state dental boards are already mandating – or poised to require – all licensed dentists to receive continuing education in prescribing opioids and other controlled substances. Many more dental boards will codify such training into law in the future.

The New ADA Policy on Opioid Prescriptions, a 3 CE credit study-at-home course, is designed exclusively for dentists. The three-hour class provides an extensive review of all of the safety protocols and regulations related to controlled substances. More specifically, esteemed instructor Leslie S.T. Fang, MD, PhD, teaches dentists how to optimize the use of non-narcotic painkillers.

The longer you wait to get this new training, the greater your potential legal liability.

Published reports forecast that liability claims related to the opioid crisis could well dwarf the sum total of all cancer claims against Big Tobacco, with dentists likely to find themselves smack dab in the middle of the legal crosshairs.

This course is designed first and foremost to protect patients. But it will also safeguard dentists from the enormous potential liabilities that could arise if they don’t conform with the ADA’s new policy on opioid education.

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BONUS: Every dentist who enrolls in Dr. Fang’s “New ADA Policy for Opioid Prescriptions” course will also receive, free of charge, the 2020 Edition of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets – the color-coded, user-friendly, chair-side guide that thousands of dentists turn to daily to have up-to-date information at hand when they need to make crucial clinical decisions.

Purchase of this course grants access for one year and requires an internet connection, computer with video and audio capabilities, and in some cases, Adobe Reader to view handouts and articles. 

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More on the Course and Dr. Fang:

In May and August of 2019, nearly 200 dentists from around the country turned out to participate in Dr. Fang’s live presentations of this course.

This course provides an in-depth review of both the safe and necessary uses of opioids, case studies, and detailed instruction on the most effective and safest alternatives to narcotics.

Dr. David Potts, a veteran dentist in Libertyville, Illinois, who has completed extensive continuing education training, said after Dr. Fang’s presentation that he was “amazed” and gratified to have participated. “Every time I attend one of Dr. Fang’s courses, I come away with important new insights,” Dr. Potts remarked.

Dr. Fang estimates that only about 10 percent of the patients that dentists see will experience significant post-operative or post-treatment pain. Moreover, only about 5 percent of patients will feel pain that can be categorized as severe.


The longer you wait to get this new training, the greater your potential legal liability.


The Drug Enforcement Agency, state regulators, and the ADA have deliberately set the bar high for dentists before they are allowed to prescribe any narcotic, Dr. Fang notes.

Once dentists realize the hoops they are required to jump through to prescribe an opioid legally, Dr. Fang warns, “You’re going to take one look at this and say, ‘Wait a second here, you guys are making it painful to prescribe narcotics.’”

That, Dr. Fang adds, is the objective.

“The whole point is to dissuade you from using an excessive – particularly unnecessary – amount of narcotics,” he explains.

Dr. Fang’s lectures were videotaped and are used as the basis for his three-hour online class. Upon successful completion of the video course and accompanying quiz, DOCS Education will email dentists a certificate for 3 CE credits.


Dr. Fang


As an award-winning lecturer, Dr. Fang is unrivaled in his pedagogy – making every class he teaches insightful, memorable, practical, and engaging.

Dr. Fang serves as a clinician-teacher at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He is also the author of Principle and Practice of Oral Medicine, Oral Medicine Secrets, and has been repeatedly honored among the Best Doctors of America.

In the best Ivy League fashion, Dr. Fang often relies on a Socratic method of turning his students, themselves, into teachers. “What would you do?” and “Why?” are two of Dr. Fang’s most reliable teaching queries.

In addition to his roles at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Fang is the medical director of DOCS Education, where he plays an integral part in the development of the entire curriculum; teaching multiple courses and providing the science, pharmacological, and physiological expertise necessary to safely and effectively administer dental sedation.

Even veteran dentists who have completed multiple courses with Dr. Fang as their instructor report that each time he teaches, his material is fresh, actionable, and always inspiring.


Registrants attending Dr. Fang's course, The New ADA Guidelines on Opioid Prescriptions
Registrants attending Dr. Fang's course, The New ADA Policy on Opioid Prescriptions

The Ultimate Cheat Sheets

There is simply no better, more popular guide for dentists who need a reliable, easy-to-access, chair-side resource to help them make critical clinical decisions than The Ultimate Cheat Sheets – the official textbook for Dr. Fang’s online course.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheets contains everything a dentist requires to stay abreast of the constantly-changing FDA mandates, life-saving algorithms, and the steady stream of new drugs and their interactions, including the ADA’s new policy regarding opioid prescriptions.

Nearly every pertinent clinical issue is condensed into a simple, color-coded, and user-friendly format to allow doctors to stay focused on the nuts and bolts of safe patient management.



Dr. Fang is unrivaled in his pedagogy – making every class he teaches insightful, memorable, practical, and engaging.


Those dentists who’ve purchased earlier editions of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets already know how vital the guide is whenever they face an important clinical decision. If the 2020 Edition is your first purchase of this indispensable handbook, we know you’ll quickly come to wonder how you ever practiced without it.

A sample of the core material covered in The Ultimate Cheat Sheets includes:

  • Dental implications of the top 150 drugs prescribed in the United States
  • Instructions on how to manage a patient with diabetes mellitus
  • What you need to know about a patient on oral anticoagulants
  • Recommendations for when to avoid treating a patient with a history of angina
  • The proper protocol for treating a patient who requires antibiotic prophylaxis but is already on amoxicillin for acute sinusitis


What’s New in the 2020 Edition:

  • New AHA/ACC Guidelines for Management of Hypertension
  • Optimal Use of Analgesics and Anti-inflammatories
  • New Oral Anticoagulants: Pradaxa, Xarelto, Eliquis, and Savaysa
  • New Anti-platelet drugs beyond Aspirin and Plavix: Brilinta and Effient
  • Antibiotics in Pre-medication for Joints
  • Antibiotics in Pre-medication of Transplant Patients
  • Antibiotics for Dental Implants
  • New Drugs in Management of Diabetes Mellitus that will Impact Dentistry
  • Dental Management of Patients after Percutaneous Cardiac Interventions and Stent Placement
  • Why did they change BRONJ to MRONJ?
  • New management approach to Hepatitis B and C
  • New ADA Guidelines for Antibiotic Use in Patients with Acute Dental Pain and Introral Swelling
  • Antibiotics in Management of Odontogenic Infection
  • ADA Guidelines for Opioid Prescriptions
  • Emergency Preparedness in the Dental Office
  • Team Approach to Cardiopulmonary Arrest in the Dental Office
  • Appropriate Use of Vasoconstrictors in the Cardiac Patient
  • Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

Every day, your patients trust you to be the best-prepared professional you can be. So, please, go ahead and "cheat" on them. They'll be the ultimate beneficiaries.

Now, for a limited time, when you register for Dr. Fang’s video course, The New ADA Policy on Opioid Prescriptions, you’ll receive the 2020 Edition of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets – a $169.95 stand-alone value – at no additional charge.


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Even if a course on opioid safety wasn’t ADA policy, it would be a savvy decision to complete it sooner than later.

This is 180 minutes that very likely will save the life of one or more of your patients.

180 minutes that will satisfy the latest ADA policy and your state’s foreseeable regulatory obligations.

180 minutes that could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and penalties.

180 minutes that will pass so quickly and so engagingly that you won’t even realize you’ve just completed three hours of ADA recommended CE training.

In just three hours – from the comfort of your home or office – you can fulfill the newly issued opioid safety education policy – learning directly from the nation’s most respected authority on dental pharmacology and physiology – Dr. Leslie S.T. Fang.

Remember, when you register for Dr. Fang’s 3 CE credit study-at-home course, you’ll receive – free of charge – the 2020 Edition of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets. It’s an unprecedented two-for-one opportunity.

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3 hours - 340 (Anesthesia and Pain Management: Prescription Medication Management) 

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Dr. Leslie Fang
Dr. Leslie Fang

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