Course Description:

Keep current with the latest in emergency response

Being ready to handle a medical emergency requires practice. Keep your certification and your skills current.

Taking the AHA's Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Recertification course gives you the following advantages:

  • Highly-focused training – Get emergency response training that is designed by dentists for a dental office setting
  • Essential emergency preparation – Learn vital medical knowledge and applications to save a patient's life
  • Peace of mind – Create an emergency medical plan for your office, and rest easy knowing that you're prepared
  • Hands-on training – Receive practical training to handle common emergency scenarios

Gain Practical Experience that Supports Your Knowledge

The AHA's  Recertification course provides updated information on procedures and advances in emergency response while meeting your recertification needs. Our hands-on course is specifically designed for dental offices, which means we'll focus on how to handle a crisis using the staff and equipment you have on hand.

You'll also review the critical skills needed to respond to respiratory failure, airway obstruction, cardiac problems, and anaphylaxis. Using patient simulators, you'll get practical experience that can prepare you for a real-life emergency.

ACLS instructors are AHA certified and trained emergency professionals.

Now as an added bonus, you'll get access to the MASTER THE NEW ADA ANTIBIOTIC GUIDELINES free with your registration.


Getting Started

Due to the strict CDC requirements, space is limited to 10 doctors per course, so please contact your course advisor soon to reserve a spot.

"I cannot say enough about my training. It was so much better than what dentists are getting at a hospital ACLS course. The instructors really did a thorough, thorough, job."

- Julie Vignes, DDS   Baton Rouge, LA


This course requires the attendee hold a current ACLS card. 

 Upon completion of this course, you will meet the following objectives: 

  • Successful passing of the final AHA ACLS Provider exam* 

  • Emergency response training that is designed for a dental office setting 

  • Learn vital medical knowledge and applications to save a patient’s life 

  • Create a crisis management plan that uses equipment commonly found in dental offices 

  • Receive practical training to handle common emergency scenarios 

  • Review the critical skills needed to respond to respiratory failure, airway obstruction, cardiac problems, and anaphylaxis 

  • Taught by AHA certified instructors 

  • Use high-fidelity patient simulators to get practical experience for real-life emergencies  


Scientific support and additional resources are available here. ​​​​​​​

"I brought some of the team with me, including two hygienists and our assistant manager—all of whom are extremely reluctant to try new things. I sat at lunch today listening with amazement as they told me what we need to do to implement this in our practice! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I will be sending the rest of the team to this course!" - Karen Harriman, DDS DOCS Education considers the dental team a vital part of good patient care and urges every dentist to bring at least one staff member to courses. States differ in their sedation regulations. Visit to learn more.

(Hours - AGD Code - Definition)

7.5 - 142 Emergency Training/CPR

TOTAL: 7.5 hours (participation)  



Nashville, TN
August 20-21, 2021
San Francisco
November 12-13, 2021

How can I meet my state’s requirements?

To learn more about how DOCS Education’s full range of courses can satisfy your state’s regulatory requirements, visit This unique online resource is kept up-to-date with the latest in sedation legislation by DOCS Education’s fulltime regulatory counsel. Contact one of our course advisers with any questions or visit our course listings to see upcoming classes and locations.

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