Product Description:

Would you ask your patient with severe root sensitivity to swish ice cold water in their mouth?

Before DentaKote S™, you'd hesitate, reluctant to cause them pain. 

After applying DentaKote S™, you could with complete confidence.  

A Life-Changing Product

A U.S. survey of dental offices has shown that 1 in every 8 patients has oversensitive teeth. Solving that pain issue for your patients has been a challenge due to delayed and incomplete results... until now. 

Introducing DentaKote S™ – a revolutionary formula that, when applied directly to a sensitive tooth or teeth, can provide immediate - and lasting! - pain relief for patients. (You can read case studies about it below.)

The DentaKote S™ gel is a self-bonding, gas permeable, medical-grade, silicone oil formulation that was developed by a dentist. This superhydrophobic prophylactic treatment is for use on exposed root surfaces of natural teeth where sensitivity isn’t a result of underlying pathology.* Bio-durable and bio-compatible, it is safe and effective for young and old alike.  

Here's how to immediately and completely eliminate tooth sensitivity without harsh chemicals even if nothing else seemed to work.

Simple and Convenient

The colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid is easily applied to the exposed root surfaces causing sensitivity. DentaKote S™ spreads to one micron thin and creates an exceptionally non-adhesive surface which impedes the adherence of food particles and bacteria and provides instant relief. The typical duration on natural teeth is six months to a year before reapplication is recommended; however, severe cases may require sooner treatment.

Each box of DentaKote S™ comes with 10 single-use patient applicators. Each applicator has enough product to amply cover all of the patient’s teeth with plenty of product left over.

Benefits of DentaKote S™:

  • Eliminate root sensitivity and pain immediately in your patient (they'll feel the difference before they even leave your chair!)
  • Improved oral hygiene habits when sensitivity is absent
  • Applied by staff in minutes, freeing up dentist’s time
  • Excellent source of passive revenue generation
  • Incredible results generate more referrals
  • Potential insurance coverage for desensitizing agents

Improve hygiene and quality of life for root sensitivity patients with an invisible coat of protection. Add DentaKote S™ to your practice today.

For professional use only.

See also DentaKote™ for preventing biofilms on dental appliances and prosthetics. 


*Rule out diagnoses of infected pulp, tooth fracture, or occlusal discrepancies first.