Course Description:

Whether you place implants on a weekly basis or only occasionally, this course will see you doing it with much greater ease, precision, and patient satisfaction. 

The result: By simply serving their existing patient populations, most dentists can expect to grow their annual production by at least six figures. Other dentists choose to expand their implant services to new patients, generating even greater leaps in production and profitability. 

The magic behind this is proven, state-of-the-art digital dental technology, allowing every dentist – regardless of the size of their practice – to manufacture inexpensive, fully guided surgical guides on site. 

Guided implant surgery offers numerous benefits for both the patient and the dentist, helping to ensure safe, accurate placement of implants. 

The best guides can cost $550 or more per arch and require a week or two for an outside laboratory to manufacture.  

This course will demonstrate how to produce comparable guides – of equal or superior quality – in-house, for $50 or less, and reduce the turnaround time to a day or two.

The savings on surgical guides alone will more than repay the full tuition for this course after fewer than four cases.

To teach this leading-edge course, DOCS Education is proud to bring aboard our distinguished faculty C. Ray Coleman, DDS, a pioneer in digital implant technology. In practice since 1989, Dr. Coleman is an early adopter who uses technological innovations to better serve his grateful patients in Salt Lake City, Utah, and to instruct other dentists on ways to overcome their hesitancy and take up new digital treatment protocols. 

Innovate Digital Dentistry and Implantology is a two-day course proving 15 hours of CE credits which count toward AGD participation hours.

Course Covers

An overview of today’s digital implant technology: You’ll learn why digital x-rays, CBCT scans, and 3D printers are replacing yesterday’s 2D imaging and modeling systems, as well as how technology is altering patient expectations and how to capitalize on their preferences.

The rationale for in-house production: You’ll learn how to calculate the true cost of outsourced guide production, including the effect it has on patient scheduling and office workflow. We’ll also discuss why controlling the production process is valuable.

Mastering the knowledge for production with hands-on training: We’ll cover the information necessary to produce guides from your office. You’ll learn how to gauge your existing skills, and how to fill gaps in your knowledge, by creating guides during the course.

Understanding equipment and software investments: You’ll learn about the equipment and software requirements needed to produce guides, the products currently available in the market, and program a 3D printer to create a guide in real time.

Setting timeframes for the production process: You’ll learn how much time to schedule for each step in the guide production process, including the CBCT scan, treatment planning, and 3D printing.

Using guides to boost productivity: You’ll discover how using guides can radically boost your production, particularly with high-value patients, as well as how to use guides for single and multiple implants, and complex cases.

Improving performance with guides: We’ll discuss how using self-produced guides can sharpen your focus and decrease stress during surgery.


6 Special Reasons to Register for This Unique Course

  • Your patients will love their digital implant experience, which is far more comfortable for them and takes considerably less time to complete — typically three days. You will never again have to compromise and place an implant without a guide. The precision and success of your implants provide your patients with the best possible care.
  • Eliminate the stress that is common to dentists who provide implants. Using your own precision surgical guides, made in-house, you’ll be confident that your placement is accurate every time. In fact, the surgical guides you produce will be so reliable that a dental assistant could, if they were allowed, to place an implant as accurately as an implantologist who has been doing it for decades.
  • Learn to use a digital scanner rather than taking patient-unfriendly impressions. Scanning is highly accurate, once you climb the learning curve. This course will accelerate that process.
  • Discover how scanning makes you a better dentist, allowing you to immediately identify and fix problems. If you can’t read a margin, you can adjust it instantly, rescan it, and you have exactly what you require.
  • Understand how the tuition and required equipment pay for themselves rapidly, allowing you to grow your practice and profitability without delay.

  • Be prepared for the ever-expanding digital revolution in dentistry, including the mainstreaming of digital dentures.

Note: While this course is intended for those dentists who already do their own implants, it is valuable for dentists who’ve hesitated to perform the procedures and currently refer some or all of their implant patients out.

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Ray Coleman, DDS
Ray Coleman, DDS


Washington DC
May 17-19, 2019

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