Product Description:

The Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, 19th Edition, is designed for all dental professionals seeking clinically relevant information on medications, OTCs and herbal products. It is the #1 dental reference guide with 500,000 copies sold.

This easy-to-use reference features information presented in a wider, two-column format, with medications alphabetically indexed by brand and generic names as well as index terms. Within individual drug monographs, dental-specific fields are highlighted in red, a timesaving feature within an information-rich resource. Special sections dedicated to medically compromised patients, specific oral conditions and sample prescriptions complement the drug content and help support improved patient care.

52 New Drug Monographs
Updated Oral Medicine Topics:
Antibiotic Prophylaxis
Antiplatelet and Anticoagulation Considerations in Dentistry
HIV Infection and AIDS
Dentin Hypersensitivity, Acid Erosion, High Caries Index, and Xerostomia
Updated Sample Prescriptions:
Prosthetic Joint Late Infection (Prevention)
Oral Pain
Antimicrobial Oral Rinse
Updated Appendix Information:
Dentifrices: No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
Dentifrices with Antigingivitis Agents
Most Prescribed Drugs in 2011
Remineralization and Desensitization
1717 drug monographs
Up to 41 fields of information per monograph
200 natural products - adapted from Facts & ComparisonsĀ® The Review of Natural Products
104 sample prescriptions
Over 150 pages of Special Topics and Appendix information