Course Description:

This is a three-module video course. You’ll earn four (4) hours of continuing education credit upon completion.

Dentists who provide sedation services are distinctly privileged. First, they can radically improve the health and quality of life for vulnerable, fearful patients. And second, they can make a very good living doing so.

However, training in sedation dentistry is not a one-time event; providing it requires ongoing learning and refinement. In this course, Dr. Anthony Feck explains how to implement a system for generating, qualifying, and treating new patients. He discusses real sedation cases that include tricky and stubborn details. Lastly, he explores respiratory diseases and the implications they have for sedation dentists.

Sedation Systems

Dentists who enjoy working uninterrupted (for longer time periods) need systems in place for attracting, treating, and retaining desirable sedation patients. In this module, Dr. Feck outlines a framework for integrating sedation services into your dental practice.

In addition, you’ll learn:

  • The two components of an effective advertising system
  • Why some patients can be classified as “fragile”
  • Why you should err on the side of overtreating patients (rather than undertreating them)

… and more.

An Essential Review

Although sedation dentistry has a very good safety record in the U.S., the push for more regulation is constant. That’s why it pays for dentists to periodically review the fundamentals of sedation. In this module, Dr. Feck looks at standard cases that present in sedation offices. You’ll recognize the medical history, the selection of protocols, and the contraindications of common medications.

In addition, you’ll learn:

  • Why sedation shouldn’t be reserved for anxious patients exclusively
  • When to accept or dismiss a patient’s medical evaluation
  • How to explain oral conscious sedation in layman’s terms

… and more.

Respiratory Diseases

More Americans take prescription medication for respiratory diseases than any other medical condition. This means that sedation dentists must be conversant in discussing asthma, COPD, bronchitis, and other common conditions. They must also understand how the drugs used to treat these diseases interact with sedatives. In this module, Dr. Feck provides an overview of the respiratory system and symptoms that indicate stress.

In addition, you’ll learn:

  • How to weigh the risk and merit of using sedation on a patient with a respiratory disease
  • When to refer a patient to a physician or hospital
  • How to calculate total lung capacity (TLC)

… and more.

Increase the sedation portion of your practice safely and systematically.

Purchase of this course grants access for one year and requires an internet connection, computer with video and audio capabilities, and in some cases, Adobe Reader to view handouts and articles. 

This course requires an active sedation permit or previous attendance at Adult Oral Sedation Dentistry, Light Sedation: N2O and Oral Sedatives, Pediatric Sedation Dentistry, Master Series – Advanced Sedation, IV Sedation Certification or IV Sedation Recertification.


Dr. Anthony Feck

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