Product Description:

This is a value-based bundle. Each component can be purchased separately.

Eye-catching brochures. Prewritten marketing communication. Professional educational videos.  Intriguing posters.

Pathway to More Sedation Patients is a comprehensive marketing package. It’s designed to increase patient flow for your sedation practice and profitability. When used together, the components create more touchpoints with prospective patients. The package introduces potential patients to your services while also educating them on the advantages of sedation dentistry.

Pathway to More Sedation Patients includes either Oral Sedation or IV Sedation versions:

Sedation brochures: These beautifully designed, tri-fold brochures are hard to ignore. The dominant color is a bright blue, signaling calm, cleanliness, credibility, knowledge, and professionalism. The story, from cover to cover, is hopeful, positive, and winsome. The brochures provide answers to the most common questions patients have about sedation. They also suggest a next step (“Call us for an appointment today”), with space for inserting contact information. Packet of 50.

Public Relations Companion for Sedation Dentistry: This component allows you to communicate with prospects and patients about your sedation services without agonizing over what to say. The content is prewritten and fully customizable, requiring only minor edits to add things like your practice name. It contains templates for email campaigns, newsletters, and website content. The content, both written copy, and graphic elements, is delivered in Microsoft Word and comes with clear instructions.

A Walk in the Park Video (Digital access by license): The full name of this video is A Walk in the Park: A Patient's Guide to Sedation Dentistry. It comes in two versions: long (17:40) and short (2:47). It’s a high-definition video, beautifully edited, with professional narration and real patients. The tone is friendly and empathetic, ending with a gentle nudge to the viewer to make that call. Embed the videos on your website using a short code link. Use the short video to introduce sedation and the longer version to support case acceptance.

The Waiting Room Guide to Sedation Dentistry: This 18-minute video is broken into six steps that make sedation easy to remember. It includes testimonials from real-life sedation patients who entice viewers to visualize an easy, comfortable dental experience of their own. The format is USB drive video delivery.

Informational Posters: Two posters, featuring smiling, beautiful people, ask the viewer thought-provoking questions. They come in two sizes: tabloid (11 x 17) and letter (8.5 X 11). The posters are glossy, which means their colors will appear crisp and bright, even in soft lighting. Accompanying the large poster is a thin board of foam for extra support.

Print materialsReady to print artwork for a postcard is included.  It uses the same look and feel of the other pieces to make a cohesive marketing plan and a consistent message – patients will find a safe and comfortable experience at your practice.  Print ads are also included to send to local magazines.

Choose between Oral Sedation or IV Sedation versions!

Implementation emails are sent to support success.

Pathway to More Sedation Patients ships via FedEx Ground. Allow 7-10 business days for arrival. For express shipping, please contact your DOCS representative.

NOTE: Some states require the dentist to possess an active sedation permit before advertising "sedation dentistry." DOCS Members can check with our Regulatory Counsel for guidance.


  • Set of 50, standard size, tri-fold brochures

Public Relations Companion for Sedation Dentistry:

  • Jump drive with Microsoft Word Documents; JPG images; instructions
  • Memory 132 KB

A Walk in the Park: A Patient’s Guide to Sedation Dentistry

  • Shortcode, web links (sent via email)
  • Runtime (2:47, 17:40)
  • License renews annually

The Waiting Room Guide to Sedation Dentistry

  • Key shaped jump drive in case plays in smart TVs
  • Run Time: 18 minutes
  • Closed Captioned


  • One 8.5 x 11
  • One 11 x 17
  • Mounting
  • Foamboard

Print material:

  • Artwork for 6x9 postcard
  • 2 customizable full-page ad artwork

This package is compiled from a series of successful products. When used together, the effectiveness of each marketing component multiplies. The prospective patient sees a consistent marketing message in a variety of media. Each component comes with detailed instructions. Watch your mailbox for a series of additional ideas on how to make the most of these marketing tools. 

First steps:

  • Display the sedation brochures in the waiting room and at the front desk. Insert them in patient mail, including bills.
  • Send a newsletter to your patients using the template in the Public Relations Companion for Sedation Dentistry.
  • Put one version of A Walk in the Park on your practice’s homepage.  Place the longer video on its own page and give the URL to patients considering treatment.
  • Add The Waiting Room Guide to Sedation Dentistry to your practice’s video rotation.
  • Hang the informational posters where patients are likely to see them such as the waiting room, front desk, or lobby.
  • Work with your local printer or to send postcards to your community.  Place ads in your local neighborhood magazines.

Membership support is available to answer questions at 877-491-5361.

PSP from DOCS Education on Vimeo.

Pathway to More Sedation Patients Product Video
A Walk in the Park Video for your website (short)
The Waiting Room Guide to Sedation Dentistry Video clip (Video is 18 minutes)