Course Description:

This one-day refresher course updates your knowledge of current developments in Pediatric Sedation Dentistry while also providing continuing education credits.

Help Kids Get the Care They Need

Update your pediatric sedation knowledge so that you can continue to offer your patients the best possible care. We can help bring you up to speed.

When you enroll in our Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Recertification course, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Refresh your knowledge – Stay on top of the latest developments and review oral sedation protocols and pharmacology
  • Learn from leading instructors – Our faculty are not only outstanding in their fields but also highly-regarded educators
  • Earn CE credits – Qualify for recertification within eight CE hours
  • Ensure patient safety – Review emergency procedures and how to treat complicated pediatric patients

Stay on the Cutting Edge of Dentistry

Information evolves, as do protocols, pharmaceuticals and best practices. Recertify to keep compliant—or just refresh your understanding of the latest developments in pediatric sedation dentistry. Stay up-to-date with this thorough this 1-day course offered by some of the nation's leading pediatric sedation dentists.

Here are some of the topics this course covers:

  • Review of drug regimens
  • Principles of pharmacology for sedation medications
  • Anatomical and physiological considerations
  • Patient assessment
  • How to treat the complicated patient
  • Metabolism of drugs and drug-drug interactions
  • Pediatric emergencies

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"This faculty is knowledgeable, engaging and accessible... A most enjoyable course."

– Terry Gordon, DDS

This class is open to dentists and staff members who want to create an environment of quality pediatric care. Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Students in this 1-day refresher course gain valuable, targeted, clinically-relevant information that can quickly be put to use. This course consists of lectures, discussion and hands-on practice.

Course Objectives: Overview

  • Learn how to determine which patients are good candidates for pediatric oral sedation
  • Participate in airway management and sedation emergency training
  • Examine and review pharmacology
  • Explore the psychology, developmental stages, behavior, anatomy and physiology of children
  • Learn multiple pediatric oral sedation protocols and how to use them in combination with nitrous oxide
  • Master communication and behavior management techniques for patients and their parents
  • Establish strong, consistent safety procedures to ensure patient, doctor and team safety
  • Identify which pediatric patient monitoring equipment to use and how to use it
  • Leave with a solid understanding of pediatric oral sedation legal and regulatory issues
  • Learn the critical role each team member plays in sedation appointments

"I brought some of the team with me, including two hygienists and our assistant manager—all of whom are extremely reluctant to try new things. I sat at lunch today listening with amazement as they told me what we need to do to implement this in our practice! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I will be sending the rest of the team to this course!" - Karen Harriman, DDS DOCS Education considers the dental team a vital part of good patient care and urges every dentist to bring at least one staff member to courses. States differ in their sedation regulations. Visit to learn more. In most dental offices team members play an essential role. It's imperative that they be knowledgeable about the process to better serve the patient and the dentist.

Many dental insurance carriers will pay for sedation. Again, there is wide variability in this area.

(Hours - AGD Code - Definition)

7.5 - 430 Pediatric Dentistry

TOTAL: 7.5 hours (lecture)  


Roger Sanger
Dr. Roger Sanger
Leslie Fang
Dr. Leslie Fang


May 18-20, 2018

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