Educational Products

This guide is a rich source of essential forms, valuable protocols and detailed instructions to aid in pediatric sedation dentistry success. The book contains twenty forms that are essential in the education of parents and the management required for pediatric sedation dentistry. A CD with electronic copies of all the forms in the book is included to allow for customization by your individual office and electronic record keeping. Laws and regulations are constantly being updated, so consultation and review of your forms should be done annually.
Your patients will ask you about Sedation Dentistry when they see these posters displayed in your office.
These brochures are an excellent resource for parents deciding if pediatric sedation dentistry is right for their child. Packed with information that educates parents on why they should consider pediatric sedation dentistry, this tool helps patients make the best choice for their child. These brochures include answers to commonly asked questions, facts about safety and much more.
Designed and written by a dentist in private practice. Ideal practice management reference. Covers four basic areas of financial security. Utilizes tabbed paging system with 8 major tabs for quick reference.
he pediatric population is a dynamic group, with major changes in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics taking place throughout infancy and childhood. Because of these changes, the need for the evaluation and establishment of medication dosing regimens in children of different ages is great. The Pediatric Dosage Handbook, 22nd Edition, continues to be the trusted resource for all medical professionals managing pediatric patients.
This visually cued manual is designed as a practical reference for general dentists, dental hygienists, and students. It is useful in both clinical and educational settings. Organized by basic principles of periodontics, the Manual of Clinical Periodontics presents information in a question-and-answer, bulleted format and offers straightforward approaches to periodontal diseases, diagnosis, and therapy options, including sample treatment plans.
The Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, 19th Edition, is designed for all dental professionals seeking clinically relevant information on medications, OTCs and herbal products. It is the #1 dental reference guide with 500,000 copies sold.