Course Description:

Individuals suffering from chronic medical problems are one of the fastest-growing segments of your patient population. These patients benefit from sedation dentistry, as it is the safest and least stressful way to receive care. Participate in the Master Series – Advanced Sedation presented by world-renowned doctors Tony Feck and Leslie Fang, and learn to safely manage sedation appointments of ASA III+ patients with asthma, diabetes, bleeding disorders, and more in this two-day intensive program.

Learn about the course from instructor Dr. Leslie Fang himself by listening here:

Embrace the treatment of Medically-Complex Patients with Confidence

DOCS Education presents a new, case-based approach to advanced sedation training. Dr. Leslie Fang, respected Harvard Medical School professor, teaches the implications of next-generation medications and their influence on sedation appointments. Highly focused training will reveal a new methodology specially designed to present patient scenarios with specific conditions, and a thorough understanding of pharmacology to help you decide to treat vs. refer.

This new curriculum will take doctors through a series of multifarious sedation cases from beginning to end, including surprise emergencies that may arise and how to manage them — a profound confidence builder. Stay up-to-date with new guidelines on hypertension, joint replacement pre-medication, and diabetes.

Don't forget the dentistry! Dr. Tony Feck, DOCS Education Dean of Faculty, discusses the ins and outs of the actual practice of dentistry on medically-complex patients, often neglected by other CE providers. Learn how patients with different conditions react to analgesics, benzodiazepines, the stress of a long appointment and more!

Learn critical facts on next-generation medications:

  • New anticoagulants beyond Coumadin
  • New antiplatelets beyond Plavix
  • New bisphosphonate/osteonecrosis of the jaw guidelines
  • New metformin guidelines for type 2 diabetes
  • And much, much more

Day Two of this course features action-packed breakout sessions for emergency training on high-fidelity patient simulators for dentists. Presented by Jim Bovia and his team, who combined have trained over 200,000 healthcare providers in emergency care.

You don't have to turn away medically-complex patients. With the Master Sedation Series, you can safely and confidently care for these patients in your practice.

"I brought some of the team with me, including two hygienists and our assistant manager—all of whom are extremely reluctant to try new things. I sat at lunch today listening with amazement as they told me what we need to do to implement this in our practice! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I will be sending the rest of the team to this course!"

- Karen Harriman, DDS

DOCS Education considers the dental team a vital part of good patient care and urges every dentist to bring at least one staff member to courses. States differ in their sedation regulations. Visit to learn more.

(Hours - AGD Code - Definition)

7.5 - 340 Anesthesia & Pain Management

7.5 - 750 Special Patient Care

TOTAL: 15 hours (lecture)  


Pharmacology as it relates to treating sedation patients was most valuable. Outstanding teaching staff!!

Mark Harper

Been a Gold Member for years. The best source for sedation education, period.

Greg Wych

Attention to details was the most valuable. Extremely well thought out course.

Yatin Khanna


Dr. Anthony Feck
Leslie Fang
Dr. Leslie Fang
Jerome Wellbrock
Dr. Jerome Wellbrock


Atlanta Skyline
August 17-19, 2018
November 09-11, 2018

Where can I meet my state’s requirements?

To learn more about how DOCS Education's wide range of courses can meet your state’s regulatory requirements, visit DOCS Regulatory counsel keeps it updated with the latest in sedation legislation activity. Feel free to contact a course advisor with any questions or visit our course listing to see available courses and locations.

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