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Team Training Video and Sedation Guidebook Bundle

Prepare your practice efficiently with the Team Training DVD and Sedation Guidebook. Evolve into an innovative practice with a well trained team who can seamlessly implement sedation. The documentation of treatments and communications covered in the Sedation Guidebook will be discussed during the Team Training DVD. Each item works in tandem, allowing for balanced and time saving training sessions. Save on both items by purchasing as a bundle. The Team Training DVD and Sedation Guidebook are two fundamental materials for creating a more knowledgeable and skilled practice.

Sedation Implementation Guidebook

Keep all legal forms and documents organized in one place with the Sedation Guidebook. Faculty and legal counsel review these documents to stay current with the latest science and regulatory changes. Nothing keeps your patients safer than following proven systems and documents that are kept in step with up to date information.

Online training is also available, to allow for your team members to implement the systems so you don’t have to lose valuable chairtime. Secure case acceptance is also covered for the purpose of better ensuring optimum patient safety. The guidebook provides over one hundred documents, systems and tools designed to create a successful sedation appointment and easy transition to recare for the high dental phobia patient.

Many of the forms are designed to be used throughout the practice and are also applicable for both sedation and general dentistry.

Create a culture of teamwork, customer service and compassionate care with the Team Training DVD and Sedation Guidebook. When paired together these materials make a progressive combination for your team and practice.

Make your practice effortlessly flow with communication and teamwork. This two hour Team Training DVD combines actual patient experiences and other dynamic teaching methods to demonstrate the critical role team members play in supporting their dentist.

The first DVD is separated into nine important chapters covering:

  • Introduction
  • Anxiolysis Case
  • Single-dose Case
  • Incremental-dose Case
  • Special Situations, Part 1
  • Special Situations, Part 2
  • Sedation Consult
  • Keeping it Safe, Part 1*
  • Keeping it Safe, Part 2*

The second disk contains further reference information and exams to help you and your team to begin implementing sedation dentistry. After successful completion of each exam portion, all participating team members are eligible for 3 CE credits (through DOCS Education).

*In-depth training on the use of the pulse oximeter, AED and portable positive pressure oxygen are also included.

Sedation Implementation Made Easy

Save thousands of hours, tens of thousands of dollars and help countless patients with the Sedation Dentistry Guidebook. This publication is the only comprehensive and proven system for integrating sedation into your practice. It includes more than one hundred documents, systems and tools for helping the high-fear sedation patient schedule and keep the appointment, accept treatment, move into the recare system and refer their friends and family!

Faculty and Legal counsel review these documents to stay current with the latest science and the latest in regulatory changes. Nothing keeps your patients safer than following proven systems and documents that are kept in step with the latest information.

The Guidebook pays for itself and supports safe practice:

  • Protect your marketing investment with simple, cost-effective marketing tools to bring in new patients and activate existing ones.
  • Prevent lost chair time with proven systems to secure new patient appointments, reduce cancellations and prevent lost patients.
  • Secure case acceptance with financial arrangements and justification systems.
  • Carefully developed documentation and consent forms that provide lawsuit protection and are reviewed by DOCS Education Regulatory Counsel annually.
  • Provide critical methods and procedures to ensure optimum patient safety throughout the entire treatment process.
  • Ensure patients return for recare and refer friends and family through the use of follow-up programs.

The Guidebook also provides the following benefits:

  • Many forms are designed to be used practice wide and are applicable to both sedation and general dentistry.
  • Creates a culture of teamwork, customer service and compassionate care.
  • You do the dentistry while your team implements the systems.
  • Online training available.

Additional items include: New Patient Incoming Call Sheet, Letter of Intent, Treatment Information, Consent Forms, Patient letters and updates for one year.

Binder comes with a rich blue linen cover and hard protective case. All on CD and fully customizable for your practice!(also available online)

Training - Web based training available now! Enables your team to fully implement sedation systems while you do the dentistry.

Your team can log on and learn to implement this guidebook step-by-step to ensure all documents and systems are used fully and efficiently. Seven one-hour sessions break it down to manageable pieces, making it easy to welcome sedation patients and move them all the way to happy referring patients.

Team Training DVD

  • DVD in case operates in standard computers and DVD players
  • Total Time 91.6 minutes
  • Nine Chapters
  • One Team Meeting
  • CE credits available through DOCS Education

Sedation Dentistry Guidebook

  • Binder 1.5", sleeve cover, inside pockets
  • Memory 70.4 MB
  • CD Autoload; Microsoft Word Documents; PDF Documents
  • User Manual PDF on CD and in binder
  • Online All documents and manuals, written training materials, implementation training videos

Upgrades Mailed quarterly (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct); email only option available

Oral Sedation Team Training
Sedation Dentistry Guidebook