Product Description:

This is a value-based bundle. Both the Oral Sedation Team Training Online Video and the Sedation Dentistry Guidebook can be purchased separately.

Continuing education credit.  Round-table discussions about real cases. Quizzes for recall. Document library with ready-to-use and customizable forms. Team training videos that boost productivity.

The Oral Sedation Team Training Online Video and Sedation Dentistry Guidebook work in tandem to promote organizational efficiency, reliability, and safety for your dental practice. It’s the next best thing to bringing your whole staff to a live training class. This online video includes round-table discussions of patient cases by an experienced sedation dentistry team. The lessons can be used as outlines for staff meetings, to onboard new team members, or as refresher content. Participants who successfully complete the training qualify for three hours of continuing education credit from the Academy of General Dentistry.

The Guidebook contains a vast library of ready-to-use, fully-customizable forms. Forms are legally compliant and updated frequently to include the latest science and regulations. The document library is accessible online and can also be stored on your hard drive. Video training helps support staff boost productivity and eliminate redundancies.

Oral Sedation Team Training Online Video

The Oral Sedation Team Training Online Video demonstrates what open, honest, and productive communication looks like among team members. It shows ways to boost case acceptance rates and team member job satisfaction. The video includes conversations with real practitioners, procedure and equipment tutorials, and topical quizzes. Click the tab below to see what else is included.


Sedation Dentistry Guidebook

The Sedation Dentistry Guidebook is the only comprehensive and proven system for integrating sedation services into your practice. Legal forms and patient information documents are organized for easy access. All forms have been vetted by an attorney. They are ready to print, email, or fax. You can also change, customize, or personalize the forms. Forms are reviewed quarterly and edited, if necessary, to comply with the law.  Many pieces are also customized for IV sedation practices.

Online video mini-lessons will help your team define, explain, and retain concepts necessary for a thriving sedation practice. The training will show team members which systems apply to their specific jobs and discuss how to cooperate it so that you can focus on serving high-value patients. Click the tab below to see what else is included.

Team Training Online Video

Encourage cooperation by helping team members communicate productively. This two-hour program uses a variety of teaching methods to emphasize the importance of teamwork in a sedation practice.  After completing the quiz components and team meetings, 3 hours of CE is awarded.

The first video contains nine chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Anxiolysis Case
  • Single-dose Case
  • Incremental-dose Case
  • Special Situations, Part 1
  • Special Situations, Part 2
  • Sedation Consult
  • Keeping it Safe, Part 1*
  • Keeping it Safe, Part 2*

The second video segment contains further reference information and exams to help your team implement sedation dentistry. Successful completion of the exam portion of the program, entitles all participating team members to receive three continuing education credits (through DOCS Education).

*In-depth training on the use of the pulse oximeter, AED and portable positive pressure oxygen are also included.

Sedation Dentistry Guidebook

Sedation Implementation Made Easy

The Guidebook includes more than one hundred documents and systems that will save you time and money, while increasing patient satisfaction. Particularly valuable are the systems and tools for helping high-fear sedation patients schedule and keep appointments, accept treatment, move into the recare system, and even make referrals.

Faculty and legal counsel review documents quarterly to ensure they comport with scientific and regulatory changes. Video training prioritizes patient and staff safety.

You’ll discover:

  • Simple, cost-effective marketing tools for attracting new patients and activating existing ones.
  • Proven systems for securing new appointments, reducing cancellations and no-shows, and minimizing lost chair time.
  • Methods for securing case acceptance with financial arrangements and justification systems.
  • Detailed, articulate consent forms that offer protection from lawsuits.
  • Procedures for ensuring optimum patient safety throughout the entire treatment process.
  • Specific systems for motivating patients to return for recare.
  • Honest tactics for generating patient referrals during follow-up care.

Added benefits:

  • Many forms can also be used for general dentistry services.
  • Video training provides tips for building a compassionate, customer-first team that works well together.
  • Video training is self-taught, on-demand, and segmented for effective learning.
  • Implementation emails are sent to support success.

More bonuses:

Updates for one year and implementation emails are sent directly to you.

The document library and updates are completely available online.

Video training is accessible anytime at (log in with your DOCS user ID and password). Each training session is sixty minutes. New training videos are added periodically.

Technical Specifications

Team Training Online Video

  • Total Time 91.6 minutes
  • Nine Chapters
  • One Team Meeting
  • CE credits available through DOCS Education

Sedation Dentistry Guidebook

  • Online All documents and manuals, written training materials, implementation training videos

Upgrades Mailed quarterly (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct); email-only option available