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At a time when both dentistry and medicine are galloping ahead at break-neck speed, it is critical for the dental professional to understand developments in medicine that can critically impact care of their patients.

This is a 13-module video course. It contains 13.5 hours of lectures delivered by Dr. Leslie Fang. Each module features a one-page summary for quick reference. The modules in the course can be purchased together in a bundle, or individually. This course supports both The Ultimate Cheat Sheets and the 3-CE online course The New ADA Policy on Opioid Prescriptions.


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  • 13 modules detailing the scientific data supporting the recommendations in The Ultimate Cheat Sheets
  • Lectures address all of the controversial issues raised in The Ultimate Cheat Sheets
  • Lectures address all of the new developments in Medicine as it impacts Dentistry
  • 1 to 1.5 CE credits awarded for each module from a PACE approved provider
  • Special discounts for all 13 modules
  • Special discounts for DOCS members


The full 13-module video course is worth 13.5 Credit Hours.

Each module is also available as an individual course.  To view, click the module number below for details.

Module 1 Module One: Drugs that All Dentists Need to Learn to Use & Optimizing use of Analgesics to Avoid Excessive Reliance on Opioids
Module 2 Module Two: Local Anesthetics and the Controversy about Use of Vasoconstrictors in Medically Complicated Patients
Module 3 Module Three: 2018 ADA Policies and Recommendations on Substance Abuse Disorder
Module 4 Module Four: Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Valvular Heart Disease & Practical Issues for Antibiotic Premedication
Module 5 Module Five: Resolving the Angst Around Antibiotic Premedication for Prosthetic Joints, Finally & Use of Antibiotics with Dental Implants
Module 6 Module Six: Changing Your Way of Managing Odontogenic Infection
Module 7 Module Seven: Coumadin and NOACs: The Rapid Emergence of the new Oral Anticoagulants
Module 8 Module Eight: New Anti-Platelet Agents: Brilliant and Efficient and their Impact on Your Practice
Module 9 Module Nine: MRONJ instead of BRONJ: Yet another Beachhead? Implication for Dentists
Module 10 Module Ten: Update in Coronary Artery Disease and its Impact on Dentistry & Congestive Heart Failure: The Number One Heart Disease and the Dental Implications
Module 11 Module Eleven: Diabetes Mellitus: New Modalities of Intervention and Their Impact on Dentistry
Module 12 Module Twelve: New Developments in Viral Hepatitis and the Impact on Dentistry
Module 13 Module Thirteen: Master the New ADA Antibiotic Guidelines


Purchase of this course grants access for one year and requires an internet connection, computer with video and audio capabilities, and in some cases, Adobe Reader to view handouts and articles. Get 3 hours of Opioid Education CE with your purchase—meets the ADA policy and qualifies for license renewal in your state.

NOTE: Many dental boards require that a specified portion of your CE credits be via in-person attendance at live courses. Check your state's rules!

Read more about The Ultimate Cheat Sheets here. 

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(AGD Code - Definition - Hours)

340 Anesthesia & Pain Mgmt (Prescription Medication Mgmt) – 3.5 hours 

750 Special Patient Care (Dentistry for the Medically Compromised) – 9 hours 

Total hours: 13.5 hours


Dr. Leslie Fang
Dr. Leslie Fang

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