Product Description:

For many patients, dental treatment is no walk in the park. However, with safe and effective sedation dentistry, it just makes sense to share with your existing and future patients the opportunity to have a more relaxed (and often times better) experience.

Walk in the Park: A Patient’s Guide to Sedation Dentistry provides existing and potential patients with information about sedation dentistry. This DVD entices your patient to visualize the ease of their dental experience through testimonials from real-life sedation patients. Easing common psychological anxieties associated with dental treatment helps patients understand their fears and lets them know that they are not alone. Helpful information about medications, procedures, and treatment is also provided to answer many common questions.

Relaxation can begin long before medication is ever dispensed. Watching or listening allows your patient to become comfortable with the sedation dentistry process and help them to accept much needed treatment or move into delayed treatment and accept.

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25 units
Each unit includes DVD and CD versions for patients to play in car, DVD player or on home computer in a cardboard package for distribution.
DVD & CD Run Time: 17 min 49 sec

Walk in the Park: A Patient Guide to Sedation Dentistry

The Walk in the Park DVD is designed to pre-sell your potential patients and current patients who may be delaying treatment. This is a safe and comfortable way for potential patients to hear about sedation dentistry and to hear from people just like them who are enjoying the benefits.

Easy ways to use it:

  • Put a sticker on the space provided that delivers your contact information and encourages happy patients to share these with friends and family who may need the same high quality, safe and effective sedation dentistry.
  • Hand it to existing patients who express interest.
  • Mail it to new patients who desire sedation.
  • Display the Walk in the Park DVD/CDs in the waiting room, operatory and front desk to encourage questions.
  • Include them in patient mailings or bills.
  • Reuse, recycle! Some office offer $25 off accepted treatment for returning the disks so you can offer them to others.