Course Description:

NEWS: Introducing the Interactive (((Live))) Streaming program for Adult Oral Sedation Dentistry. Your next opportunity to learn safe and effective oral conscious sedation from the comfort of your home or office is October 4-5, 2024. Additional sessions will take place on February 28 - March 1, 2025.

Through DOCS Education’s most popular sedation training for dentists, you will gain the skill and confidence to integrate adult oral sedation into your practice. This comprehensive course is taught by world-class faculty: Anthony S. Feck, DMD; Leslie Fang, MD, PhD; Steve C. Yun, M.D.; Carol Wilson, DMD (team training); and Jerome Wellbrock, DMD, MAGD, and delivers 25 CE credits.

By learning to safely incorporate oral conscious sedation into your dental services, you’ll expand your skills and ultimately provide enhanced care to your patients. The sedation protocols we teach encompass sophisticated administration methodologies and proven pharmacological techniques, as well as patient assessment and emergency management. Learn traditional and new oral sedation protocols that are taught by dentists who practice what they teach, and a board-certified internal medicine physician who teaches patient assessment and pharmacology.

The Interactive (((Live))) Streaming program for Adult Oral Sedation Dentistry provides an immersive learning experience that’s broken down into the following components: 70% live streaming sessions to be held Friday and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. central time, with an hour break for lunch, apx. 16 hours; 25% online pre-course study to be completed before the live streaming sessions, apx. 8 hours; and 5% live office hours with DOCS faculty, apx. 1 hour..  

Live event courses are held Friday through Sunday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except Sunday, which ends at 1:00 p.m.), plus 5 hours of online pre-course study for both doctors and team to be completed before you arrive.

Dental professionals who enroll in this specialized, online oral sedation dentistry program will enjoy key advantages:

  • Implement oral sedation—Acquire the expertise to provide safe and comfortable sedation to healthy adults leading to a positive experience for you and your patients.
  • Expand your knowledge—Gain current medical information and become a better clinician.
  • Reach a broader base—Help those who fear dentistry by managing their pain and anxiety through oral sedation.
  • Save time and money—Eliminate the need for travel and time off with flexible online study and engaging live-stream..
  • Facilitate collaboration—Access quality education as well as the value of supportive peers and faculty.
  • Streamline your practice—Reap the benefits of efficiency through coordinated team training by including your staff (19 CE).



  • 314-Page Training Manual covers safe, effective oral sedation protocols. The faculty created the manuals to be comprehensive, powerful tools that you can refer to as needed. This is not your typical book of slides.
  • Clinically Proven Traditional and New Oral Sedation Protocols that are safe and well-established.
  • Airway Management and Medical Emergency Simulations that exceed most sedation permit requirements.
  • Advanced Treatment Planning for neglected mouths and the economy of sedation are introduced.
  • Foster Quality Communication between sedated patients and you and your team.
  • Experience 20 Real Case Videos that address common and challenging scenarios and the administration of oral sedation.

Hear What Real Patients Think About Sedation

Need ACLS? We offer that, too! Many states require Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) for practices that provide oral sedation. We've created a course built just for dentists. You'll gain the confidence to handle emergencies while providing your patients a safe and comfortable dental experience. Learn more.

Curriculum Overview

  • Earn 25 CE credits (20 hours live + 5 hours pre-course study)
  • Seven areas you must know to confidently deliver oral sedation dentistry
  • Ten crucial skills for communicating with a sedated patient
  • Five keys to airway management (70, 86) with hands-on training
  • Techniques to enhance the use of nitrous oxide/oxygen in combination with oral sedation (92, 110)
  • How to readily increase and decrease the level of sedation (83, 87)
  • Video patient experiences of oral sedation procedures
  • *Some states require 3 live patient observations post-course before you can receive your CE credits and before you can apply for your permit. Ask a course advisor about live patient requirements if you seek a permit in TX, ID, MO, ME, or MA
  • *In addition to the minimum 24 hours of didactic training required for a moderate enteral sedation permit, South Carolina now requires 10 clinical cases to be observed live, in-person. This requirement can be completed independently and documented on a form issued by DOCS. If it cannot be completed independently, DOCS now offers South Carolina dentists the opportunity to attend our sedation clinic in Lexington, KY to meet this requirement.
Adult Oral Sedation Schedule*


Oral Sedation
Precourse Agenda

  • Sedation Voyage
  • Sedation Psyche
  • What to say, What not to say
  • Record Keeping and Documentation
  • Local Anesthetics
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Reversal
  • Sedation Systems

Oral Sedation
Day One

  • Introduction
  • Science of Sedation
  • Airway Maintenance and Management
  • Monitoring
  • Single Dose Sedation Protocols

Oral Sedation
Day Two

  • Incremental Sedation
  • Nicotine
  • Top Dose
  • Sedation as a Business Model
  • The Final Word on Joint Premed
  • Drug-Drug Interactions
  • Antibiotic UCS Update
  • A Dental Response to COVID-19

* Example schedule

Technical Requirements: A desktop or laptop computer with audio and video capabilities linked to a high-speed Internet connection to view the presentations.  A mobile device to access the interactive event polling technology.


Day One
(Doctor & Team All Day)


  • Introduction 
  • Science of Sedation


  • Airway Maintenance
  • Airway Management
  • Monitoring
  • Pharmacology

Day Two
(Doctor All Day & Team Breakouts)


  • Patient Assessment
  • TEAM BREAKOUT: Patient Assessment & Consult
  • Traditional Single Dose Sedation Protocols
  • Regulatory Considerations


  • New Incremental Sedation Protocols
  • TEAM BREAKOUT: Marketing Methodologies
  • Nicotine
  • TOP Dose

Day Three
(Doctor All Day & Team Breakouts)


  • Airway Hands-on Training
  • TEAM BREAKOUT: Pre-Sedation Information Gathering
  • Sedation Systems
  • TEAM BREAKOUT: Sedation Workup
  • Pharmacology II


  • Case Examples

* Example schedule

Why Should I Bring My Team?

Bringing your team to a DOCS event is an investment in the healthy longevity of your sedation practice. When your team is fully engaged and on board with implementing oral sedation in your practice, success is virtually guaranteed.

What are the Team Benefits?

IMPLEMENTATION BECOMES A BREEZE. Team members learn firsthand everything necessary to implement oral sedation dentistry, resulting in a seamless rollout of services once they return to the office.

CREATES AN EVEN HIGHER QUALITY OF CARE FOR YOUR PATIENTS. Learning the sedation process from beginning to end empowers your team to be fully invested and confidently answer patient questions.

ENGENDERS TEAM OWNERSHIP AND PRIDE. Giving your team the tools they need to accomplish the tasks assigned to them creates a powerful sense of ownership.

STRENGTHENS COMPANY CULTURE AND FOSTERS TEAM BUILDING. Attending a seminar as a team nurtures collaborative team building, inspires shared excitement, and fortifies company culture.


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Additional Information

Hours Breakdown

Want information on your state regulations?
Call (855) 227-6505 to speak with a DOCS Course Advisor.

AGD Subject Codes

Hours AGD Code Definition
1.5 010 Basic Science: Anatomy
4 010 Basic Science: Pharmacotherapeutics
1 010 Basic Science: Physiology
1.5 142 Electives: Emergency Training / CPR
2 153 Electives: Psychosocial Anxiety & Fear in Dentistry
15 340 Anesthesia & Pain Management

TOTAL: 25 hours (lecture)

Course Registration Instructions

  1. At the top of the page, pick from the drop-down menu which location and dates you would like to attend the Adult Oral Sedation Course.
  2. Enter the number of doctor registrations and team-member registrations for that date (NOTE: GOLD Members are entitled to BOGO free tuition for team members) and click "Add to Cart."
  3. Upon checkout, you will need to log in to your existing account or create a new account, then click the "Check Out" button to finalize your registration.
  4. Once registration is completed, a confirmation email will be delivered to your inbox along with instructions on joining Whova, DOCS' official event app for updates.
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Scientific support and additional resources are available here.


DOCS Adult OSDOSD Faculty

Join DOCS Faculty as they provide oral sedation via the incremental oral administration methodology to a patient in the dental office – live! The Live Patient Experience uses lectures and live demonstrations to show the management of a sedation patient. You will be shown the proper application of a vital signs monitor with capnography and ECG, administration of medications, how to access the level of sedation and consciousness before providing additional drugs, and more. Learn more here. (

The Live Patient Experience will take place on Saturday, May 22 at 6:15pm - 7:15pm Eastern (3:15pm - 4:15pm Pacific).

It is free to attend for current DOCS Members. If you are not yet a member, become a Trial Member today for only $1* to get access to the Live Patient Experience. Register online ( or call us at 855-227-6505.

*Restrictions apply to Trial Membership. Must not have been a DOCS Member or Trial Member within past 2 years. After 60 days, if not cancelled, account will upgrade to standard membership at $54.95/mo.

Upon completion of a competency course in enteral sedation, the dentist must be able to:

  1. Describe the basic components of inhalation sedation equipment and their function.  

  2. List and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of enteral and/or combination inhalation-enteral sedation.  

  3. List and discuss the indications and contraindications for the use of enteral and/or combination inhalation-enteral sedation.  

  4. List the complications associated with enteral and/or combination inhalation-enteral sedation.  

  5. Discuss the prevention, recognition and management of these complications.  

  6. Observe the administration of enteral and/or combination inhalation-enteral sedation to patients in a clinical setting in a safe and effective manner.  

  7. Discuss the abuse potential, occupational hazards and other effects of enteral and inhalation agents.  

  8. Discuss the pharmacology of the enteral and inhalation drugs selected for administration.  

  9. Discuss the precautions, contraindications and adverse reactions associated with the enteral and inhalation drugs selected.  

  10. Describe a protocol for management of emergencies in the dental office and list and discuss the emergency drugs and equipment required for management of life-threatening situations.  

  11. Demonstrate the ability to manage life-threatening emergency situations. 

  12. Discuss the pharmacological effects of combined drug therapy, their implications and their management. Nitrous oxide/oxygen when used in combination with sedative agent(s) may produce minimal, moderate, deep sedation or general anesthesia.  

  13. Understand historical, philosophical and psychological aspects of anxiety and pain control.  

  14. Have knowledge in patient evaluation and selection through review of medical history taking, physical diagnosis and psychological profiling.  

  15. Understand the definitions and descriptions of physiological and psychological aspects of anxiety and pain.  

  16. Describe of the stages of drug-induced central nervous system depression through all levels of consciousness and unconsciousness, with special emphasis on the distinction between the conscious and the unconscious state.  

  17. Have reviewed of adult respiratory and circulatory physiology and related anatomy.  

  18. Be knowledgeable in the pharmacology of agents used in enteral and/or combination inhalation-enteral sedation, including drug interactions and incompatibilities.  

  19. Know the Indications and contraindications for use of enteral and/or combination inhalation-enteral sedation.  

  20. Have reviewed of dental procedures possible under enteral and/or combination inhalation-enteral sedation.  

  21. Observe patient monitoring using observation, monitoring equipment, with particular attention to vital signs and reflexes related to consciousness.  

  22. Maintaining proper records with accurate chart entries recording medical history, physical examination, informed consent, time-oriented anesthesia record, including the names of all drugs administered including local anesthetics, doses, and monitored physiological parameters.  

  23. Understand prevention, recognition and management of complications and life-threatening situations.  

  24. Understand the administration of local anesthesia in conjunction with enteral and/or combination inhalation-enteral sedation techniques.  

  25. Describe the use of inhalation sedation equipment.  

  26. Understand the potential health hazards of trace anesthetics and proposed techniques for limiting occupational exposure.  

  27. Discuss abuse potential. 

(AGD Code - Definition - Hours)

Lecture/Scientific: 20 (20 Clinically Oriented Patient Experiences)  

010 (Basic Science: Anatomy) – 1.5 hour  

010 (Basic Science: Pharmacotherapeutics) – 2.5 hours  

010 (Basic Science:  Physiology) – 1 hour  

142 (Electives:  Emergency Training / CPR) – 1.5 hours  

340 (Anesthesia and Pain Management) – 13.5 hours  


Lecture/Scientific: 5 (5 Online Lectures)  

010 (Basic Science: Pharmacotherapeutics) – 1.5 hours  

340 (Anesthesia and Pain Management) – 1.5 hour  

153 (Electives:  Psychosocial anxiety & fear in dentistry) – 2 hours  


Total hours:  25 hours 

Team members receive 19 hours

Live Courses: If a course cancellation is received 2 weeks prior to the beginning session, you may receive a refund minus $500. $400 of that amount may be applied to a future course within 1 year. If you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the course, no refund will be issued. You may also choose to transfer to a future event within one year. Please contact your course advisor for more information.

Interactive Live Streaming Course: If a course cancellation is received 2 weeks prior to the beginning session, you will receive a refund minus $500. $400 of that amount may be applied to a future course within 1 year. If you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the course, no refund will be issued. You may choose to transfer to a future event within one year for a fee of $100. Please contact your course advisor for more information.

To learn more about how DOCS Education’s full range of courses can satisfy your state’s regulatory requirements, visit This unique online resource is kept up-to-date by DOCS Education’s full-time regulatory counsel with a brief outline of the latest sedation legislation by state and province. DOCS Members receive a comprehensive regulatory reference sheet for their location and access to the regulatory counsel. Contact one of our course advisers with any questions or visit our course listings to see upcoming classes.



Dr. Anthony Feck
Dr. Leslie Fang
Dr. Leslie Fang


October 04-05, 2024

How can I meet my state’s requirements?

To learn more about how DOCS Education’s full range of courses can satisfy your state’s regulatory requirements, visit This unique online resource is kept up-to-date with the latest in sedation legislation by DOCS Education’s fulltime regulatory counsel. Contact one of our course advisers with any questions or visit our course listings to see upcoming classes and locations.

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