Embassy Suites by Hilton Lexington Green
Embassy Suites by Hilton Lexington Green

After the successful completion of your IV Certification Home Study Modules, you will travel to beautiful Lexington, KY to complete your clinical training.  Held at Dr. Anthony Feck's new clinic, specially designed for hands-on training. Most attendees choose to stay at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Lexington Green, set in a peaceful lakeside area in the ‘Horse Capital of the World.’ Surrounded by Lexington’s top shops and restaurants, our all-suite hotel is also within 15 minutes of the University of Kentucky, Keeneland Race Track, Fayette Mall and LEX Airport. Ask about complimentary shuttle service within 2 miles of the hotel..

245 Lexington Green Circle, Lexington, KY
Happy Smiles Clinic at Dental Wellness of Lexington


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For those flying in, there are two options. Both will get you here but flights from some cities are easier to find to one or the other so check them both out!

LEX Lexington Airport is 8 miles from the clinic and hotel. About a 15-minute drive.

CVG Cincinnati Airport is 85 miles, or a 1 hour 22-minute drive to the course location. Depending on your location and schedule, this may be a better option if you can fly directly and rent a car. Parking is free at the Embassy Suites, so renting a car may offer additional convenience while in Lexington..

We are in the patient selection process and will create the schedules once we have filled the agenda. Please plan to spend full days at the clinic to ensure that you are able to get your 20 cases in. This means starting as early and working late each day!

Kentucky Charitable License

To practice in the great commonwealth of Kentucky, you’ll need to obtain a “Charitable License” which is good for 10 days per charitable event.

How to apply:

  • Download the application
  • Name of event: Happy Smiles Clinic
  • Sponsor: Dental Wellness of Lexington
  • Needs to be notarized
  • Needs passport photo
  • Otherwise FREE

When to apply:

  • No later than 30 days before clinical
  • SCAN and email to: Lindsay@docsedu.com FIRST for review. Our regulatory counsel will make sure you have all the fields properly completed
  • We will mail all applications to the Kentucky boardIf you cannot get your application to us, you must MAIL your application to the Kentucky board at the address on the form - make sure you send with enough time to meet the aforementioned deadlines
Downloadable Checklists

To help guide you, we’ve created a chronological checklist for you to follow to ensure you have completed all the steps needed on time, and to practice your venipuncture technique before arriving at your clinical course.

These checklists are downloadable from the Module One Course page when you register to take the course.

Schedule of Office Hours

Clinical Attendees - Office Hours

Monday, March 22 at 5pm PST (Module One)
Monday, April 5 at 4pm PST (Module Two)
Monday, April 19 at 4pm PST (Module Three)
Monday, May 3 at 5pm PST (Module Four)