Dr. Carol Wilson

Dr. Wilson’s interests and expertise in dentistry center on patient education, oral surgery, and restoring dental function for the long-term. She is a master at rebuilding patient self-confidence by replenishing their smile and improving their oral health.

Dr. Wilson is an important associate of Dr. Feck and instrumental in the success of our IV sedation dentistry program. She finds and prescreens patients for our students to work on during their clinical sessions; she oversees procedures done during each clinical session and follows up with administration.


Career Origins

Dr. Wilson was raised on a farm in a small town in the northern part of Kentucky. As a child, she was relentlessly teased because of her “buck teeth”; to make matters worse, her parents allowed her unfettered access to soda and candy, which led to the need for several extensive dental procedures. Thankfully, she was able to visit the same family dentist for many years, a man who consistently showed an interest in her as a person and a good student; he even encouraged her to become a dentist from the time she was 10 years old, and all the way up to her college years!

Meanwhile, Carol’s self-confidence grew as her teeth were gradually corrected, and she even enjoyed guessing what type of wire would be used next at each orthodontic appointment. These experiences fostered a lifelong passion for the oral healthcare field and the desire to make other patients happy as her dentist had made her, through dentistry.



Dr. Wilson pursued her doctorate at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, where she graduated with honors in 2006 and received awards for outstanding achievement in prosthodontics and oral radiology.

Since graduation, Dr. Wilson has remained active in the College of Dentistry, serving as an Associate Instructor of prosthodontics and a current member of the Admissions Committee. She’s also completed Phase I of Dental Boot Camp & SWAT training in order to better communicate with her patients, as well as IV sedation certification through DOCs, advanced bone grafting techniques, and dental implant placement training through the Little Implant Company. She has been a member of Spear Education and the Spear Study Club since 2015 and is ACLS certified.



Dr. Wilson and her husband, Nathan, have two daughters, Abigail and Ansley. Outside of oral healthcare, one of Carol’s biggest passions is training for marathons and half marathons. She enjoys participating in numerous forms of exercise, from running with friends to attending spin classes to weight lifting. Other interests include crafting, baking, and watching her daughters participate in sporting events, such as archery, academic team meets, golf, and basketball!