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  • Oral Sedation Dentistry

    25 AGD/PACE-approved hours of CE

    Over two million patients have benefitted from the training their dentists received from DOCS Education.

    This engaging 3-day learning experience offers everything you need to integrate sedation into your practice, including:

    • The science of sedation
    • Airway management
    • Treatment planning
    • Keys to airway management with hands-on training
    • Ten crucial skills for communicating with a sedated patient
  • Your next step: DALS® (Dental Advanced Life Support)

    In our book, the difference between a good clinician and an excellent one is the difference between doing what is expected, and doing what is best.

    We strongly recommend DALS® (ACLS for dentists). DALS® can be taken in the same 3-day weekend as Oral Sedation Dentistry or, if you prefer, at another seminar.

    DALS® provides dentists with the following advantages:

    • Leave knowing exactly how to set up your office and train your team.
    • Create an emergency medical plan for your office.
    • Receive practical hands-on emergency training designed by dentists.

    Check your state regulations and see if an emergency preparedness course is necessary in your state. Though it may not be mandatory in your state, it is essential for every dentist.

  • Then, take your education further...

    If you're one of those dentists who doesn't just meet expectations, but exceeds them—You're one of us.

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    Once you've completed Oral Sedation Dentistry and DALS® we offer advanced courses so you can hone every niche of your new sedation skills.

    Those courses are:

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    Oral Sedation Dentistry is your first step towards treating patients in need.


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  • Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

    25 AGD/PACE-approved hours of CE

    If you're a pediatric dentist or a general dentist looking to treat children with sedation while adhering to the highest safety standards, Pediatric Sedation Dentistry is the course for you. Pediatric sedation allows children to develop a lifelong, positive correlation with dental visits.

    This 3-day educational experience will provide both lectures and hands-on airway training to teach you the oral and nitrous protocols to provide safe, effective sedation dentistry at your practice.

    Implementing this in-demand skill set benefits both practice and patients in the following ways:

    • Increased patient base: There are simply more parents seeking care for their children than there are dentists to provide it. Why not set your practice apart?
    • Patient retention: Many of your adult patients likely have children. Why not become the family dentist rather than risk losing current patients to a dentist who will treat both parents and child?
    • Fewer appointments needed for treatment: With new and safer amnesia sedation drugs, after-school multiple visits can be reduced to one pleasant visit with little to no memory of dental care.
  • APAM

    Advanced Pediatric Airway Module

    The best clinicians are always prepared. The Advanced Pediatric Airway Module with High Fidelity Human Simulation (APAM) section of the course focuses exclusively on hands-on stringent training in emergency preparedness and total proficiency in safety protocols that go above and beyond the current standard of care.

    This hands-on training can also be applied toward PALS certification if the American Heart Association's® HeartCode PALS Part 1 is completed prior to attending Pediatric Sedation Dentistry.

    APAM includes:

    • Hands-on animal cadaver training led by industry experts including 30-year paramedic veteran John Bovia.
    • Training using a highly advanced simulator that exhibits emergency scenarios which, although unlikely, could occur during a sedation appointment.

    You will complete APAM with the finesse and knowledge to act calmly yet confidently in the unlikely event of a complication.

  • Once you've completed Pediatric Sedation Dentistry we recommend these advanced courses to further expand and hone your knowledge:

    Pediatric Sedation Dentistry is your first step towards growing your practice and addressing the high demand for safe yet comfortable dental care for children.

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    Pediatric Sedation Dentistry is your first step towards treating patients in need.


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