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Welcome to DOCS Community Digest, a free community e-newsletter from DOCS Education, the nation's most-trusted source of continuing education for oral health professionals, as well as an exclusive community of dentists serving at the forefront of the profession.

DOCS Community Digest (DCD) is intend primarily for alumni of our various courses and those oral health professionals interested in attending one of our upcoming conferences.

In DCD, we'll share highlights of recent meetings — including plenty of photos and videos — as well as commentary by our distinguished faculty, and valuable special offers available exclusively to alumni and DOCS Education members.

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As we're proud to proclaim, DOCS Education does more than educate and train dentists and team members. We're a community of dedicated professionals who hold oral health to be critical to overall wellbeing and quality of life. We view education as a lifelong pursuit; we are dedicated to public service; and We Believe in the Magic of a Healthy Smile™.

DOCS Community Digest serves as our elite community's town square. Thanks for joining us!

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