Positive outcomes. Practice growth. Patient satisfaction.

As a dental professional, you know how important oral health is to your patients' overall health. You've also seen firsthand how dental phobia keeps people from seeking treatment. And since neglect seldom leads to easy dental visits, fear often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. At DOCS Education, we help dentists interrupt the cycle of patient fear and expand their dental practices.

  • Replacing negative experiences with positive ones – Our purpose is to teach dentists how to overcome fear by implementing sedation dentistry techniques. But easing patient anxiety and providing positive dental experiences is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Reaching new people – Incorporating DOCS Education's sedation protocols into your practice allows you to reach a whole new group of potential patients. You'll appeal to an underserved population—which is a great way to expand your practice.
  • Increasing your efficiency – Not only will your potential patient pool increase, but you can transform the way you do dentistry. At DOCS Education seminars, we teach methods that allow dentists to complete more procedures in less time. This can be great for your patients and your bottom line.

DOCS Education offers a great set of tools to help you build your practice.

DOCS Education history

After seeing the number of patients exhibiting dental anxiety—and the benefits of sedation dentistry in treating these patients—Drs. Anthony Feck and Michael Silverman partnered to establish DOCS Education in 1999. From humble beginnings, DOCS Education has grown from a single course offering to an expansive series of courses and curriculums online, live-streamed, and in-person at locations across the country.   We measure our growth, however, by more than just the number and size of venues. DOCS Education has also expanded our curriculum. DOCS Education now offers a variety of training options, from IV sedation and pediatrics to advanced life support and emergency airway management, to enable dentists to offer a higher standard of care to their patients. With more than two decades of experience, DOCS Education has become a trusted source of continuing education for dentists. In fact, we estimate that more than seven million patients have benefited from the training we've provided to over 27,500 dentists across North America.

Who we are

At DOCS Education, we place a high value on lifelong learning—which is no surprise considering our faculty are accomplished lecturers who have spoken in venues ranging from college classrooms to American Dental Association events, to our very own seminars... But they're more than educators. Our faculty imparts expertise that has been hard-won through years of practice. Our founders, Drs. Silverman and Feck, have both worked for many years in dental practice, and they've built a team of faculty who are also accomplished practitioners in their respective fields. This means the lessons they share aren't just academic, they're practical.

We Are Strategic

About Us


Dental Advanced Life Support Seminars

It is particularly instructive to have a pharmacologist and a medical doctor lecturing on their areas of expertise.

Dennis Myers

Dental Advanced Life Support Seminars

I cannot say enough about my training. It was so much better than what dentists are getting at a hospital ACLS course. The instructors really did a thorough, thorough, job.

Julie Vignes

IV Sedation Update Seminar

Just do it. That's what I'd say to other dentists about signing up for this course-you'll gain the knowledge, confidence and teamwork to improve your practice and make your whole team feel great about helping your patients.

Craig Rubinoff

Oral Sedation Dentist Seminar

Attending DOCS Education courses has made me a better dentist and transformed my career.

Rich Gesker

Oral Sedation Dentist Seminar

Offering sedation dentistry has brought patients whom I would have never seen, some of them driving over an hour one way to get to us. It has also provided the most inspirational and positive feedback that we have ever received.

Dave Willits

Oral Sedation Dentist Seminar

As a doctor who has countless hours of CE, the thing that impressed me most was not that the information was communicated in a fun and professional way, but that it was effectively communicated in a fun and professional way.

Chad Latino