Educational Products

World-renowned pharmacology and physiology expert Dr. Leslie Fang, a distinguished member of the DOCS Education faculty, has created the ideal chair-side resource to allow dentists to have up-to-date information at hand when they need to make important clinical decisions.

Prepare your practice efficiently with the Team Training DVD and Sedation Guidebook. Evolve into an innovative practice with a well trained team who can seamlessly implement sedation. The documentation of treatments and communications covered in the Sedation Guidebook will be discussed during the Team Training DVD. Each item works in tandem, allowing for balanced and time saving training sessions. Save on both items by purchasing as a bundle. The Team Training DVD and Sedation Guidebook are two fundamental materials for creating a more knowledgeable and skilled practice.
The Pathway Campaign is a comprehensive sedation dentistry marketing package designed to increase new patient flow and your practice's profitability. The package includes all components needed for a successful campaign including educational and marketing materials for in-office use and distribution to your patients. DVD and audio pieces include testimonials from real-life sedation patients, encouraging patients to visualize the ease of their experience.

The InspectionPass™ is designed to help dentists not just pass—but ace a dental board inspection the first time. Are inspections fun? No—and they're not meant to be. Rather, they are intended to ensure you comply with the regulations that have been created to foster patient safety.

Patients often think good dental health is as simple as a bright smile. But dental professionals — from dentists and dental hygienists to periodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons — know that good dental health and high-quality patient care go far deeper than a grin full of pearly whites. Whether they realize it or not, the patient in the chair is counting on you to efficiently diagnose their conditions, then safely and effectively treat those oral health concerns.
video helps to create a more intimate relationship with potential patients while informing them of the benefits of the services you provide. The Bloomsberg BusinessWeek published an article about the benefits of using video on your website including search engine optimization, increased sales and traffic not to mention patient education.
Reinvent Your Smile Web Video highlights the benefits of cosmetic dentistry through patient success stories while also strengthening your presence on the web. To license one video is $99/year. When you order, we’ll send you a custom piece of code to place on your website. You can also send us your webmaster’s email and we’ll send the code directly to him/her and copy you so you know it got there. Simply paste the code into your site.