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2024 NEWS: The newest edition from Dr. Fang is here!

The 14th Edition of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets has arrived and is bursting with substantial updates from Dr. Fang, including the management of antibiotics for implants, the newest medicines for diabetes, management of patients with congestive heart failure, the dental implications of patients on chemotherapy or immunotherapy, and more. This invaluable chair-side resource will allow you to have the most up-to-date information at hand when you need to make important clinical decisions.

World-renowned pharmacology and physiology expert Dr. Leslie S.T. Fang, a distinguished member of the DOCS Education faculty, is the lead author of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets: The Practical Guide for Dentists (14th Edition) – a comprehensive resource that thousands of dentists rely on daily.

PLUS: An Online Course from Dr. Fang, Worth 3 CE

Overview of ADA Policy on Opioids

3 CE ADA Course

When you purchase your copy of The Ultimate Cheat Sheets, you'll get immediate access to an exclusive online course by Dr. Leslie Fang: The ADA’s Newly Issued Opioid-Safety Education Policy (3 CE).

What's NEW and UPDATED for the 14th EDITION?

The Ultimate Cheat Sheets contain everything you require to stay abreast of the constantly changing FDA mandates, life-saving algorithms, and the steady stream of new drugs and their interactions. It addresses the controversies and questions you face in your practice every day.


  • The 50 drugs you are ever likely to use in dentistry and the optimal way of using them.
  • The only 12 drugs that you're likely to use 90% of the time.
  • Drug-drug interactions with local anesthetics.

New Guidelines on Antibiotics for Dental Implants (Spanish Consensus 2022)

  • Who should be premedicated?
  • Who should get antibiotics after implants?
  • What to prescribe and for how long?

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Whole New Ballgame of Medications

  • What is Farxiga, Jardiance, Trulicity, Ozempic, and Mounjaro?
  • Why are these new medications taking over the marketplace and what should you know?
  • How does it impact the medical management of dental patients on these new drugs?

Head and Neck Cancer: Dental Implications

  • Dental management of patients on chemotherapy
  • Dental implications for patients on immunotherapy

Cardiovascular Disease

  • Why are we seeing rapidly increasing numbers of patients with congestive heart failure?
  • There's an entire array of new medications for congestive heart failure (CHF) including epleronone, Aldactone, and Entresco.
  • Why is Jardiance used in patients with CHF?
  • How do these drugs influence dental interventions?

Emergency Preparedness in the Dental Office

  • Team approach to cardiopulmonary arrest in the dental office.
  • BLS and ACLS training for emergency preparedness.
  • Basic drug and equipment kit for medical emergencies.
  • ACLS drug kit medications and implications.

And more...

  • Dental implications of the top 150 drugs prescribed in the US.
  • Antibiotics in management of odontogenic infection.
  • New ADA policy for opioid prescriptions.
  • Appropriate use of vasoconstrictors in the cardiac patient.
  • Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw.
  • What you need to know about a patient on oral anticoagulants.
  • When to avoid treating a patient with a history of angina.
  • The proper antibiotic protocol for treating a patient who is already on Amoxicillin for acute sinusitis.

Every day, your patients trust you to be the most prepared professional you can be.
So, go ahead and "cheat" on them. They'll be the ultimate beneficiaries.

When you purchase the 14th Edition of the Ultimate Cheat Sheets, it will be shipped immediately. Then an email will be sent providing access to your personalized DOCS Dashboard, allowing you to take the online course Overview of ADA Policy on Opioids at your convenience. Upon successful completion of the video course and short quiz, you'll be able to print your certificate for 3 CE credits.


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Dr. Leslie Fang