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What matters most, however, are your patients and the advantages that membership ultimately confers on them.

As a member, you are part of a supportive network of professional colleagues who make you a better, more confident, more successful dentist.

Your patients receive the comfort of knowing that their doctor will provide them the very best, safest, most-comforting dentistry available anywhere.

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Listing on

The patients who need — and want — excellent care will be able to find your practice quickly and easily on, our exclusive online directory of highly qualified sedation dentists. Potential patients by the tens of thousands turn to as the trusted referral source of DOCS Education members located within an easy drive (based on zip code).

The only way to list your practice on this popular lead generator is by being a DOCS Education member in good standing. Gold Members receive a premium listing — including an optional professional headshot that helps fearful patients feel more comfortable about contacting you. But every member is entitled to a listing and the new patients who'll thank you, and, for providing them the help they need.

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Regulatory Aid

DOCS Education employs a full-time regulatory attorney who specializes in monitoring state-by-state and national regulations and guidelines pertaining to sedation dentists. This includes training and licensing and permit requirements, practice protocols and violations, and advertising standards.

Our attorney not only proactively alerts DOCS Education members to developments that may imperil their practices, he also is on-call to take your questions and offer guidance whenever the need arises.

DOCS faculty

Clinical Support

As a DOCS Education member, we're with you every step of the way, whether you're new to sedation or a seasoned sedation veteran.

You'll receive the clinical support you need from DOCS Education's respected faculty, as well as veteran members via the EliteDOCS online forum (Find out more). Should you ever have a patient in the chair and face a quandary about what to do next, DOCS Education members can utilize our telephone hotline and quickly get a recommendation from one of our on-call faculty experts.

Member-to-member mentoring is a hallmark of the fellowship that DOCS Education members share with one another. At times, our members have gone to extraordinary lengths to support each other, including stepping in to treat scheduled patients when illness or a family emergency arises; and sharing equipment and supplies to help a fellow member in a bind.

Remember with DOCS Education, you are part of a caring, supportive members network that is at your disposal 24/7.

Every DOCS Education member receives a Drug Log Book that simplifies DEA requirements for drug inventory and dispensing. Our Implementation Guide provides you with a checklist of the exact steps you'll need to put your new sedation skills to use. A host of other forms, templates, and worksheets are also available.

Because we believe that education is a lifelong pursuit, we offer our members a full buffet of continuing education courses, including our popular Master Series advanced classes; DALS® Dental Advances Life Support (ACLS); oral sedation and ACLS recertification; and Pediatric Sedation Dentistry and recertification. (Gold Members receive a special buy-one, get-one tuition discount for their team members.)

Whether you take these additional courses primarily to enhance your patient services, to meet your license CE requirements, or both, active DOCS Education members receive substantial savings on the cost of tuition for members and their teams.

We also offer free, online courses to our Gold Members and their teams, such as Airway Maintenance, Incremental Oral Administration, and Patient Assessment. Be sure to check your membership dashboard for our current free course offerings.

Stay informed on the latest in sedation and practice news with our weekly eNewsletter and our glossy full-color quarterly magazine. Members tell us they find our case studies, protocol updates, and dentist profiles especially valuable.

Maintaining state-of-the-art equipment and fresh supplies is vital for every dental practice. DOCS Education faculty members have selected a variety of practice tools that they believe provide outstanding performance and value.

Whether you need a monitor with Capnography or you want to purchase the latest edition of Ultimate Cheat Sheets, the practical guide for dentists co-authored by our own faculty member Dr. Leslie Fang, you'll be entitled to exclusive savings opportunities as a DOCS Education member.

Knowing exactly how to answer and respond to calls from prospective patients is vital for sedation dentists. When fearful and anxious patients finally get up enough courage to call your office, you want to be 100% certain that your team members are appropriately responsive.

DOCS Education members can request free phone training for their team members from our nationally-recognized team trainer and practice management consultant. Convert hesitant patient prospects into confirmed and satisfied patients.

DOCS Education members are already at the forefront of our profession. Members are invited to take additional courses that fulfill the requirements for our prestigious Fellow and Diplomate designations – "the elite of the elite" among the nation's sedation dentists. Go above and beyond in the service of your patients.


If I have a question, DOCS Education provides answers. The faculty has laid out a comprehensive road map for achievement in implementation. I was concerned about one of my sedation cases, and reached out to Dr. Leslie Fang, who answered my questions. If it wasn't for my DOCS Education training, I might not have seen the initial red flags within the patient's complex medical history. I'm thrilled to have learned these important skills.

Keerti Sahasrabudhe, DDS

Sedation opened a new door and I have expanded my practice. Now I see patients from all over. I have completed more than 500 sedation cases successfully and am very grateful to DOCS Education.

Stanley H. Asensio, DMD

Whenever I speak to a colleague about DOCS Education, I always mention access to their regulatory counsel as one of the best benefits of being a member. He is so well-versed in each state's regulations that he is able to counsel each office on exactly how to make their state's regulations work in a safe, compliant and practical way.

Richard Hagstrom (Charter Member)

The feedback we receive from sedation patients is extraordinarily positive and inspirational. I would recommend DOCS Education to any dentist. It represents the top tier for quality, timeliness and professionalism.

David Willits

Standard Membership

Our Introductory-Level Membership Privileges:

  • Basic Listing on
  • Exclusive Legal Support
  • 24/7 Clinical Assistance
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring and Fellowship
  • Substantial Savings on Courses and Equipment


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Gold Membership

Our Top Membership Level Gold Privileges:

  • Premium listing on
  • Exclusive Legal Support
  • 24/7 Clinical Assistance
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring and Fellowship
  • Free Team Training in Practice Management
  • Free Online Courses
  • Substantial Savings on In-Person Courses and Equipment


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