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First 60 days, only $1!*

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Join our dedicated community of dentists who provide the safest, state-of-the-art, dental services.

What matters most are your patients and the advantages that membership ultimately confers on them.

As a member, you are part of a supportive network of professional colleagues who make you a better, more confident, more successful dentist.

Your patients receive the comfort of knowing that their doctor will provide them the very best, safest, most-comforting dentistry available anywhere.


Sedation opened a new door and I have expanded my practice. Now I see patients from all over. I have completed more than 500 sedation cases successfully and am very grateful to DOCS Education.
Stanley H. Asensio
The feedback we receive from sedation patients is extraordinarily positive and inspirational. I would recommend DOCS Education to any dentist. It represents the top tier for quality, timeliness and professionalism.
David Willits
Whenever I speak to a colleague about DOCS Education, I always mention access to their regulatory counsel as one of the best benefits of being a member. He is sol well-versed in each state's regulations that he is able to counsel each office on exactly how to make their state's regulations work in a safe, compliant and practical way.**
Richard Hagstrom (Charter Member)
If I have a question, DOCS Education provides answers. The faculty has laid out a comprehensive road map for achievement in implementation. I was concerned about one of my sedation cases, and reached out to Dr. Leslie Fang, who answered my questions. If it wasn't for my DOCS Education training, I might not have seen the initial red flags within the patient's complex medical history. I'm thrilled to have learned these important skills.
Keerti Sahasrabudhe
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David T. Palmer, J.D.

Legal & Regulatory

DOCS Education employs an in-house healthcare attorney because the national dental guidelines, federal policies, and state-by-state regulations are so diverse and constantly changing. Our full-time regulatory counsel helps practicing dentists to stay current with the myriad of rules that apply to them.

Many dentists have questions concerning the following:

  • Your state's training
  • Licensing and permit requirements
  • Standard-of-care protocols and equipment requirements
  • Patient complaints
  • Dental board investigations
  • Advertising standards
  • Keeping informed about changed state regulations

Our Regulatory Counsel will provide definitive, clear-cut answers to all of the above.** Best of all, while non-members may have to wait days or even weeks when they ask their state dental board for clarification, our regulatory counsel's response is always prompt and concise.

**Please note: This help does not constitute legal advice; you should always consult your attorney for specific advice about your situation.


On-Call Coaching

One of the most highly prized privileges of DOCS Education membership is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if you have a patient in the chair and face a quandary about what to do next, a member of our esteemed faculty is just a phone call away.

Our members-only telephone hotline enables you to quickly connect with one of our on-call faculty experts who helps teach and update the protocols taught by DOCS Education for safe sedation dentistry.

With superior training and strong peer-to-peer networking, most DOCS Education members will never need this assistance, but like auto or fire insurance, it's great to know you're covered should the unexpected ever arise.


Continuing Education

At our core, we are educators, whose focus first and foremost is on patient safety.

Our "classrooms" include home offices, hotel conference rooms, universities, dental offices, and websites. We offer live in-person lectures, video instruction, timely publications and white papers, and a vast archive of other educational materials.

Wherever they are, whenever they have time, our members can tap into a wealth of rewarding proprietary continuing education opportunities.

All of our courses are distinctive; renowned for their instructional methods that include active engagement, rigorous learning, curricula that have been refined and polished by real-world application, and a splash of fun to ensure that what we teach is memorable, actionable, and enjoyable.

Beginning in 2020, DOCS Education created our Elite Learning Series program - a monthly webinar series that covers a wide variety of topics, from medical emergencies to practice management solutions, that confer 1-2 CE each. Members get unlimited access to these recorded webinars (over a dozen and counting!) and can submit requests for topics to be covered. 

DOCS Education is an AGD PACE-approved education provider. All of our featured courses offer CE credits that help fulfill your state's requirements in addition to any specialized training that is necessary to obtain or renew state-by-state sedation permits. (Always check your state dental board regulations to verify the latest requirements.)

When you complete a DOCS Education class, you will recall what you learned. Moreover, our courses are designed so you can begin applying your newfound knowledge immediately.



Each year, tens of thousands of highly fearful patients seek a trustworthy sedation dentist with the appropriate background, training, and experience. These patients turn to SedationCare.com for instant connection to a DOCS member in their area.

Your listing on this popular sedation provider search website is an exclusive privilege accorded to DOCS Education members as a testament to their commitment to dental excellence, education, and public service.

While every DOCS Education member is entitled to a listing on SedationCare.com (and to the gratitude of the new patients who will connect with them), GOLD Members receive a premium listing — including top billing in a larger geographic area search and an optional professional headshot that helps fearful patients feel more comfortable about contacting you.

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When individuals come together striving for a common goal, it forges a sense of community; the same cohesion enjoyed year-round by DOCS Education members.

Although our members live in different locations and don't "compete" against other teams, we do bond and work for the success of one another and our patients as if we were teammates.

The glue that binds us is EliteDOCS Forum, a members-only online platform that connects dentists to one another - and to our world-class faculty - 24/7. There are always friendly and knowledgeable fellow dentists online who are happy to respond to requests for advice and support.

Do you have pharmacology, protocol, practice management, equipment/drug, or regulatory questions you'd like answered? You'll find help and a vast library of actual case studies on EliteDOCS.

You'll also enjoy having the opportunity to share your expertise and experience with other members who are in need of advice.

EliteDOCS is a secure, safe forum designed just for you.

Clinical Resources

Every DOCS Education Member receives a DEA Drug Log Book (Fully Revised in 2021!) annually that simplifies DEA requirements for drug inventory and dispensing. It has been recently updated to reflect the new DEA rules for disposal and features upgraded Security Paper, ensuring that patient data and practice records remain safe! Our Sedation Dentistry Guidebook (SDG) provides you with a checklist of the exact steps you'll need to put your sedation skills to use. A host of other forms, templates, and worksheets are also available.

Ask any member of our DOCS Education Loyalty Team about online and phone training to help you smoothly integrate sedation into your practice, how to use the DEA-compliant drug log book, and more.


Year-Round Membership Savings

Building a successful sedation practice doesn't end with an initial CE certificate. 

DOCS Education has created educational and marketing materials that are designed to help sedation dentists, whether first starting out or a seasoned practitioner, grow their practice and help more patients in need. These digital resources are available to you at members-only prices.

Members also enjoy preferred tuition rates and team discounts for our (((LIVE))) Streaming, in-person, or online courses. 

Contact any of our Membership Loyalty Team members to learn what discounts you're entitled to receive.

We Believe In Smiles Campaign™

As a member of DOCS Education, you have the privilege of posting the We Believe in Smiles™ video to your website. Four times a year, this video is refreshed with new content and images of smiles taken by professional photographers from around the world.

The video not only boosts your website's SEO, it is an outstanding promotional resource to show your practice's commitment to the importance of a smile in your community. The video is also accessible to prospective patients who may be vision or hearing impaired.

Compelling visual reminders appear on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter along with a positive, uplifting caption. Many of the photos go viral.

Uploading this to your site is simple and only requires adding a single line of code.


Peer Recognition

Simply by maintaining your active membership in DOCS Education, you are signaling your patients and peers that you are among the best-trained and most highly motivated members of our profession.

All members are eligible for consideration for our "Best in the Nation Sedation Dentist" honors recognition, a designation our faculty and staff confer on fewer than 1-in-every-200 of our course alumni.

In addition, DOCS Education bestows on its most-dedicated members the distinguished Fellow [FDOCS] or Diplomate [DDOCS] title, awarded for completing the exceptional course and clinical work. These dentists are widely recognized and the "elite of the elite."

Community Involvement

Professional Activism

DOCS Education membership does much more than monitor national and state-wide dental guidelines and regulations. We work pro-actively to help shape them.

From its founding, DOCS Education members have fought to reduce unnecessary regulation and interference from special interest groups that raise the cost of dental care without benefiting patients.

Access to care is a top DOCS Education priority, as we are pledged to make quality dental care available to as many people as possible.

DOCS Education officers regularly enlist dentists from the ranks of our members to meet with state dental examiners and other regulators to promote the science of safe sedation dentistry. Annually, our officers and many members attend the national conventions of major dental groups to serve as ambassadors of sedation dentistry.

Pro-Bono Work

We're so proud that DOCS Education members travel the nation and the world to provide pro-bono dental care and participate in other volunteer programs.

That is not to understate the thousands of hours a year collectively that our members donate to underserved patients right in their very own communities.

DOCS Education courses and membership programs are specifically designed to encourage lifelong dedication to public service.

Team Membership - NEW!

Nothing makes a sedation dentistry practice more successful than a skilled and qualified staff.

DOCS' new Team Membership is a unique opportunity for team members to join DOCS Education’s growing community of sedation experts and providers from around the country.

Professionally trained sedation team members enable the doctor to focus on the clinical side of sedation dentistry while they handle the implementation, day-to-day administration, and patient education elements.

A Team Membership grants the team member access to all new resources and trainings, as well as gives them the ability to ask questions of the DOCS community and our Regulatory Counsel.** And should you need to train a new team member, the included online course modules ensure onboarding is timely and efficient.

Learn more about team membership here.