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The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way dentistry keeps patients safe—and there has never been a better time to update your nitrous oxide delivery system than now!

Unlike traditional N2O hoods and hoses which require substantial cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization between uses, single-use Safe Sedate® masks eliminate all potential sources of cross-contamination between patients

The Safe Sedate® system delivers nitrous oxide with precision, evacuating residual gas significantly better than other systems (citation), with no sterilization required. Use once, then dispose of the tubes and mask when the appointment is over.

The Safe Sedate® Starter Kit has all the parts and tools you will need to easily convert your existing system. It includes:

  • 1 case of Large Masks (12 masks)
  • 1 case of Small Masks (12 masks)
  • 1 Flowmeter Conversion Kit (4pc)
  • 4-ft Hose with HVE Vacuum Adaptor

If needed, technicians are available to help guide you in converting your existing system using two-way video conferencing.

Patient Health

Single-use Safe Sedate® eliminates all risk of contamination between patients. The once-and-done nature of this delivery system places it among the best Patient Protective Equipment on the market!


Patient Comfort

Adjustable and lightweight, the Safe Sedate® mask allows for a secure fit without claustrophobic patient reactions. The mask sits comfortably on your patient’s face with tubing going over their head, not awkwardly to the side of their face. This allows them to move their head without changing the position of the mask or causing leakage.


Patient Assurance

A recent study commissioned by the North American Dental Group (NADG) revealed that 77% of respondents reported a high concern for personal health and safety during the pandemic.

Using single-use masks like Safe Sedate®, in combination with the numerous new cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing protocols you have put in place, will help patients feel more confident in their safety.


Office Safety

Be warned that repeated chemical or steam sterilization of traditional nitrous oxide systems creates micro-fractures compromising the integrity of the hoses, allowing harmful levels of gasses to leak into the operatory.

The Safe Sedate® mask was proven in a Purdue University Study, published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, to reduce occupational exposure of N2O below the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists threshold limit value of 50 ppm during an eight-hour day as compared to traditional hoses and masks. 

Single-use Safe Sedates® significantly reduces leakage with a patented mask design that has multiple vents that create negative pressure surrounding the patient’s face. Therefore, even gasses exhaled through the mouth are sucked back into the advanced mask system and safely evacuated from the office.


Doctor Satisfaction

The mask does not restrict patient movement and is not connected to intrusive hoses. Its slim profile allows for an expanded clinical view. The result? You’ll be able to get close to the patient and position yourself comfortably for maximum efficiency. Additionally, the mask is short enough that it won’t impede access. That means you and your assistant be able to see and access your patient’s mouth without having to navigate obstacles.

In a Dental Product Shopper report, 80% of evaluators would definitely recommend Safe Sedate to colleagues, and 90% rated the system’s ability to reduce occupational exposure as excellent or very good.


Capnography Friendly

The eight holes in the mask's front surface allow for reliably stable placement of an end-tidal CO2 sampling line.  By feeding the sampling line along the evacuation tube, a streamlined profile is created, guiding the hoses and lines up over the patient's head and away from the treatment area.


Staff Convenience

The Safe Sedate® mask is intuitive and easy to use. Other nitrous oxide delivery systems are made of multiple pieces that take time to assemble and disassemble (let alone sterilize properly between each patient). The one-piece, single-use Safe Sedate® system is easy to set up and use, and simple to disconnect and dispose of.


Growth for your practice

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), approximately 15 percent of the population declines dental treatment due to anxiety.

Nitrous oxide with Safe Sedate® nasal masks enables you to sedate your patients and easily perform necessary treatments. By helping your patients relax in your chair, despite their anxiety, you can accomplish more per patient visit and make better use of chair time.


The Solution is Simple: Safe Sedate®

It is a single-use complete nitrous mask and circuit that removes cross-contamination, saves money, and is proven to reduce occupational exposure.


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Doctor Satisfaction
Doctor Satisfaction