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This course consists of three modules. The modules are taken from Forensic Dentistry: Working from Failure, Moving Forward with Solutions.

Dr. John Dovgan, DDS, is a State Board consultant and expert witness. He’s an established Standard of Care Investigator (S.C.I.), whose resume includes more than 1,300 dental board cases, 130 lawsuits, and multiple state and federal class action lawsuits. He created the first checklist the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners adopted for consultant use in blanket allegation cases.

Today, general dentists perform work that was once exclusive to specialists. This service upgrade has provided many wonderful benefits to both patients and dentists. Nonetheless, dentists who expand their service offerings face greater liabilities. In this course, Dr. Dovgan teaches how the standard of care should be interpreted when providing specialized services.

This online course qualifies for 1 hour of CE credit that is automatically issued with a digital certificate once you have completed the program. This course is intended for practicing dentists, but it will also prove valuable to dental board members, current and future dental consultants, and permit examiners.

The Standard of Care for Implant Placement and Oral Surgery

Dentists who provide advanced services face intense scrutiny when patients file board complaints. For example, they’re expected to have written consent for every procedure undertaken in a treatment plan. In this module, Dr. Dovgan provides the full criteria for staying within the standard of care guidelines for implants and oral surgery. He’ll expound on the role continuing education plays in state board investigations. He’ll explain the meaning behind “big implant, big hole.” He’ll also explore the controversy relating to antibiotics and implant surgery.

Standard of Care Guidelines for Endodontics, Periodontics, and Orthodontics

Lengthy deep work can stress patients, especially those with compromised health. It’s why dentists who offer endodontic, periodontic, and orthodontic services must know the standard of care requirements. In this module, Dr. Dovgan emphasizes the most important aspect of pretreatment planning. He shows how to protect yourself when “unanticipated conditions” arise. You’ll also see how he reassures patients before surgery (while increasing their satisfaction after surgery).

Standard of Care Guidelines for Pediatrics, Crown and Bridge, Plus Red Flags

For providers of advanced dentistry, including pediatrics, encountering unusual patient problems is quite normal. Some diseases, for example, correlate with TMD. Patient requests for treatment, too, can be unusual. In this module, Dr. Dovgan applies the standard of care to a pediatric case, a cracked tooth, and a full-mouth reconstruction. You’ll learn how to protect yourself against frivolous claims from long-forgotten patients. You’ll also learn about appropriate circumstances for denying treatment to patients.

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