Course Description:

IV refresher training—right where you practice.

Elevate your IV sedation treatment standards, broaden the options available to your patients, and enhanced your clinical flexibility with expert in-office training. Expanded IV sedation services promote greater comfort and longer treatment times, further improving patient satisfaction. DOCS Education's gold standard training provides tailored instruction specific to your practice and your office. Gain expertise related to novel combination agents, current equipment, emergency measures, and the latest thinking in patient safety and systems management.

When you register for DOCS Education's IV refresher sedation training (available in convenient one-day or two-day lengths*), you'll receive the following advantages:

  • Customized learning focused upon your unique patients, team, and physical environment
  • Live patient cases from case selection to anesthesia, treatment, and dismissal
  • Thorough practical review stressing medical assessment and monitoring
  • Increased understanding of new agents and drug combinations
  • A comprehensive study of the principles of patient recovery and discharge
  • Expand to treat special needs patients
  • Qualifies for recertification of permit or certificate

Top-notch training for you equals top-notch care for patients.

Our leading instructors represent decades of clinical experience in dentistry and medicine. They'll help you master IV sedation techniques; create a sophisticated plan; learn developments in pharmacology; manage adverse events and prepare for emergencies.

Other advantages you can expect following the training include confidently documenting care, preparing for site reviews, and accreditation surveys. The customized format also fosters the identification of goals unique to your practice, as well as ongoing support to assure the availability of equipment, pharmaceuticals, and supplies.

All staff members are welcome to participate in this experience.  We will help train your dental assistants, dental hygienists, and your front-office business staff during our sessions together.

*Cost is per day plus travel expenses.

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Sign up now to benefit from expanded options and more consistent outcomes with your patients and your practice. Tuition is per day. One or two-day programs available. Travel expenses are not included. Call 855-227-6505 to schedule your dates or to learn more!


You must have a current IV permit or certificate in your jurisdiction.

Just do it—that's what I'd say to other dentists about signing up for this course—you'll gain the knowledge, confidence and teamwork to improve your practice and make your whole team feel great about helping your patients.
Dr. Craig Rubinoff

Here is an overview of the training, which is available in convenient one-day and two-day sessions:

Preparatory consultation

  • Discussion with course instructors with you and select members of your team in order to identify unique practice goals
  • Review existing policies and procedures
  • Ongoing support to assure availability of required equipment, pharmaceuticals and supplies

Onsite practical and didactic training

  • Nuances of patient assessment
  • Advanced pharmacology
  • Physiological mechanisms of sedation
  • Continuous infusions
  • Management of adverse events
  • Principles of patient recovery and discharge

Regulatory compliance for controlled substances

  • Proctoring of clinical cases
  • Mock site inspection

(AGD Code - Definition - Hours)

012 (Basic Science: Anatomy) – 1.5 hour 

016 (Basic Science: Pharmacotherapeutics) – 1.5 hours 

018 (Basic Science:  Physiology) – 1 hour 

142 (Electives:  Emergency Training / CPR) – 1 hours 

153 (Electives:  Control of Dental Fear / Apprehension) – 1 hours 

341 (Anesthesia, Pain Mgmt, Sedation, Pharmacology: Anesthesia and Pain Control) – 10 hours 

If a course cancellation is received 2 weeks prior to the beginning session, you may receive a refund minus $500. $400 of that amount may be applied to a future course within 1 year. If you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the course, no refund will be issued. You may also choose to transfer to a future event within one year. Please contact your course advisor for more information.

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How can I meet my state’s requirements?

To learn more about how DOCS Education’s full range of courses can satisfy your state’s regulatory requirements, visit This unique online resource is kept up-to-date with the latest in sedation legislation by DOCS Education’s fulltime regulatory counsel. Contact one of our course advisers with any questions or visit our course listings to see upcoming classes and locations.

DOCS Education courses carry the AGD PACE certification

DOCS Education is the nation’s premier provider of safe sedation and advanced dentistry education, having trained almost 24,000 dentists. Since 2000, our courses have been accepted by the AGD for Fellowship/Mastership and membership maintenance credit. We offer extensive CE opportunities, both in-person and online, that meet your needs.

What is DOCS Education?

DOCS Education is an exclusive community of professionals serving at the forefront of dentistry. We offer world-class courses on safe sedation and advanced dentistry, relying on instructors who are consistently ranked among the very best in the nation. We also are a supportive network of members who guide one another to be better, more confident, more successful dentists.