Course Description:

Gold standard IV training—right where you practice.


Elevate your IV sedation treatment standard and broaden the medication options available to your patients, permitting enhanced clinical flexibility as well. This type of sedation also promotes greater comfort and longer treatment times, both boons to patient satisfaction rates. DOCS Education’s gold standard training provides tailored instruction specific to your practice and your office. Gain expertise related to novel agents and key drugs, current equipment and emergency measures, as well as the latest thinking in patient safety and systems management.

When you register for DOCS Education’s IV sedation training (available in convenient one-day, two-day or three-day lengths*), you’ll receive the following advantages:

  • Customized learning focused upon your unique patients, team and physical environment
  • Thorough practical review stressing careful case selection, assessment and monitoring
  • Increased understanding of new agents and drug combinations
  • Comprehensive study of the principles of patient recovery and discharge

Top-notch training for you equals top-notch care for patients.

Our leading instructors represent decades of clinical experience in dentistry and medicine. They’ll help you master IV sedation techniques; create a sophisticated plan; learn developments in pharmacology; manage adverse events and prepare for emergencies.

Other advantages you can expect following the training include the ability to confidently document care, refine approaches and prepare for site reviews and accreditation surveys. The customized format also fosters the identification of goals unique to your practice, as well as ongoing support to assure the availability of equipment, pharmaceuticals and supplies.

*Cost is per day plus travel expenses.

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“Just do it—that's what I'd say to other dentists about signing up for this course—you'll gain the knowledge, confidence and teamwork to improve your practice and make your whole team feel great about helping your patients." – Dr. Craig Rubinoff

Sign up now to bring the benefit of expanded options and more consistent outcomes to your patients and your practice.

Here is an overview of the training, which is available in convenient one-day, two-day and three-day sessions:

Preparatory consultation

  • Discussion with course instructors with you and select members of your team in order to identify unique practice goals
  • Review existing policies and procedures
  • Ongoing support to assure availability of required equipment, pharmaceuticals and supplies

Onsite practical and didactic training

  • Nuances of patient assessment
  • Advanced pharmacology
  • Physiological mechanisms of sedation
  • Continuous infusions
  • Management of adverse events
  • Principles of patient recovery and discharge

Regulatory compliance for controlled substances

  • Proctoring of clinical cases
  • Mock site inspection

Many dental insurance carriers will pay for sedation. Again, there is wide variability in this area.


Dr. Anthony Feck

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To learn more about DOCS Education's. Wide range of courses Visit our Continuing Education Section or, which lists the latest regulatory developments. We particularly encourage membership in  DOCS Education, which offers round-the-clock personal attention from the nation's leading legal authority on dental regulations.

All DOCS Education programs are AGD PACE-approved courses

DOCS Education, an AGD Pace-approved provider since 2000, is the nation's premier educator of safe sedation dentisty protocols having trained more than 22,000 dentists.

Who is DOCS Education?

DOCS Education consists of over 3,000 members committed to offering safe dentistry to all patients, including those suffering from anxiety. DOCS Education graduates have safely treated an estimated 2 million patients across the United States and Canada. Since it's estimated around 30 percent of people fear the dentist, many individuals remain to be helped. That's why DOCS Education frequently updates its courses and information.