Course Description:

This course is worth 1.75 CE credit that is automatically issued with a digital certificate upon completion.

The easiest way to lower overhead in a dental practice is to increase production, but that won’t happen without a strong percentage of patients moving forward with their treatment plan. The national case acceptance rate is only 25% which means 3 out of 4 patients walk out your door forever, usually saying the dreaded: “Let me think about it.”

Presented by DOCS Education and Dr. R. Anthony Matheny, this invaluable program will provide the tools for improving your case acceptance and increasing production without being pushy. More of your patients will accept treatment, filling in the openings in your schedule and resulting in a bigger ROI for your marketing dollar.

Selling is a necessary part of doing business—even dentistry. Dr. R. Anthony Matheny shares with dentists what isn’t taught in dental school – how to identify and overcome patient objections in a non-aggressive way and encourage them to feel good about committing to their care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn why patients’ objections can actually be a good sign.
  • Discuss the six main patient objections to accepting treatment.
  • Determine if a patient objection is valid and how to overcome it.
  • Learn to present fees and address financial concerns in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the patient.
  • Learn how to communicate with significant others who factor into the patient’s decision.
  • Discover the one skill to master in order to skyrocket case acceptance.
  • Learn how to ask closing questions to get the commitment from the patient.

About the Presenter:

Dr. R. Anthony Matheny is an author, speaker, coach, and expert in dental case acceptance. He recently published the book Pleasant Persistence: Your Key to $ales $uccess and has created online video courses for dentists as well. Dr. Matheny studied sales methods from the Zig Ziglar Corporation and became a Ziglar Legacy Certified Speaker and Coach, and he completed the course Secrets to Closing the Sale from Kevin Harrington, an original “shark” from Shark Tank. By applying what he has learned to dentistry in a way that is positively perceived by his patients, Dr. Matheny was able to increase his case acceptance by 300% compared to the national average.


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