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Merchant Advocate helps merchants save money from the unregulated credit card industry without having to switch processors.


It’s simple, turnkey and there is no risk and no obligation.

Merchant Advocate is an independent business advocate that can save your practice money by helping you get the best rates and fees, without switching credit card processors. Their goal is to help protect merchants from inflated rates and eliminate hidden fees.

There are no upfront costs for their services—they are paid out of the savings they achieve for you—they provide a FREE ANALYSIS on the health of your account and will engage your processor to lower your rates, while also eliminating hidden fees and coding errors.

Merchant Advocate is the trusted source in merchant services, providing fairness and transparency in the unregulated credit card processing industry. To date, the company has saved over $250 Million in excess fees for their clients, including DOCS Education members.



How Merchant Advocate Helps DOCS Education Members

The credit card processing industry is very confusing for most dental providers as it involves many different players that make it a complex industry to understand. Merchant Advocate applies their expertise in deciphering the landscape, educating their clients and exposing hidden fees to help transform your business.

Complimentary Audit

Simply provide Merchant Advocate with a statement for a free audit of your account. Their analysts will look for hidden fees, coding errors, and inflated rates. Merchant Advocate is able to help 75% of merchants save money on their processing.

Merchant Negotiation

Merchant Advocate will then negotiate on your behalf with your processor to remove the excess fees and inflated rates; Merchant Advocate can also fix any coding errors.

Monthly Audits

Once your account is fixed, Merchant Advocate will monitor every month to make sure you keep saving, that your rates are not increased and no new fees are added.





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For questions, or to receive your complimentary audit, fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Mention you're a DOCS Member for additional savings!

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