Are You Cashing In on the Value of Video Marketing?

In this visual age of marketing, dentists can't afford to be camera-shy. This marketing strategy examines how to use video to get more patients.

Print & Go GuidanceBy Susan Richards

With YouTube launching in 2005 and gaining traction ever since, video for the masses really found its captive audience during the 2020 pandemic. Current statistics show that viewers spend an average of 19 hours per week watching online videos – three more hours than just a couple of years ago.

It's quickly become a marketing tool to reckon with, and since it appears to be more than just a passing trend, even dentists can no longer afford to be camera shy.

The rising popularity is due partly to better phone camera technology and the emergence of Instagram and TikTok. All major social media platforms now incorporate and promote video content. With over a billion hours of video consumed daily, YouTube has become the preferred venue for viewing by 90% of Americans. Once created, YouTube and other applications make it easy to upload and embed videos into your website, emails, and much more.

How does video marketing work for dentists? There are numerous possibilities for content that all culminate with educating, engaging, and entertaining current and potential patients.

Show Your Expertise

By presenting video content that educates the audience, dentists can answer common questions, help patients make informed decisions, and ultimately build their trust in the doctor's expertise and practice. A few educational video marketing ideas include:

  • Demonstration of hygiene or dental techniques for better oral health practices
  • Explain the benefits and safety of sedation dentistry for the fearful patient
  • Introduce and review a new product or service that will benefit your patients
  • Before and after videos can speak volumes about your expertise

Be Authentic and Relatable

A visit to the dentist can be met with trepidation or outright anxiety, so create videos that engage your patients and take the fear out of upcoming appointments. Make them comfortable and familiar with both the practice and the team.

  • Film "behind the scenes" or show a typical day at the office
  • Use casual, interview-style videos to meet the staff and share team updates when they occur
  • Personal testimonials are perfect for encouraging prospective patients to take the leap

Captivate Your Audience

People are mainly drawn to video because they wish to be entertained (case in point, an endless source of funny cat videos). By having fun with the content, dentists can amuse, educate, and engage. Look at what's trending on the popular apps for inspiration and stand out from the crowd.

  • TikTok dance or lip sync challenges
  • Sharing odd or funny facts about dentistry to make it less intimidating

Creating good video content is about storytelling that personalizes and promotes your practice.

Getting Started

While video is excellent for educating, engaging, and entertaining, it's also about marketing. Google search engines like video content, so you must include it on your website, blogs, and social media to boost viewer numbers.

High-end production value isn't necessary – you can do a lot with a smartphone, tripod, and ring light – and the return on investment of DIY video is excellent. However, hiring a professional team is worth the expense if you want high-quality, polished video, such as a virtual office tour.

Including captions and titles on the video is easier than ever, which helps search engine optimization (SEO) and user accessibility (UX). The video shouldn't run more than three minutes; the ideal length for video ads is 6-10 seconds.

When using patient content, such as testimonials and demonstrations, be sure to have full consent to avoid potential HIPAA violations.

While the internet is full of trends that come and go, it's clear that video is only gaining steam and is a vital addition to your marketing strategy. More than half of marketing professionals worldwide consider video to have the strongest ROI of all tools.

For the busy dentist who may not be ready for their close-up? Just check in with Millennial and Gen Z team members for direction.


Author: Susan Richards is a staff writer at DOCS Education. With over 20 years of experience in local journalism and business marketing, Susan's career includes award-winning feature writing, as well as creating content with context for a wide variety of industries.

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