By Cedric Jackson

"Jawzrsize" and jaw exercise equipment can cause teeth to move, TMD, and gastrointestinal issues. Learn more about the potential risks these devices pose.

Last year, dentists sounded the alarm after TikTok users uploaded videos of InstaMorph, a do-it-yourself denture that poses a choking risk. Now, dentists are equally concerned about another TikTok trend promoting Jawzrsize. Just as with do-it-yourself dentures, Jawzrsize and other forms of jaw exercise equipment are dangerous to use and can lead to serious consequences. If this trend continues, dentists can expect to see patients presenting with a wide range of symptoms related to using the devices.

Dentists who are not familiar with Jawzrsize should get the details so they will be prepared to respond to patients’ needs. Understanding this trend will help them identify issues caused by jaw exercise devices. Then they can counsel patients along with providing possible treatment.

What Claims Do Jaw Exercise Equipment Manufacturers Make?

People are turning to Jawzrsize and other jaw exercise devices to slim their faces. Manufacturers claim these products can make their jawlines more defined and reduce or eliminate the double chin. The devices are also supposed to improve jaw function and strengthen neck muscles. Because of the promised benefits, both men and women are using and promoting Jawzrsize.


What Is Jawzrsize, and How Does It Work?

Jawzrsize is a silicone ball that people boil and then bite, so it molds to their teeth. The ball provides 20-50 pounds of resistance, so it works the jaw muscles when biting down. Basically, people must increase their bite force to bite down on the ball.

Because of the resistance and increased bite force, the equipment likely strengthens the masseter muscles, increasing their size. This can lead to a stronger bite but should not impact the look or structure of the face.

What Does the Research Say?

Researchers have studied the impact of masticatory muscle training over the years. A 2012 study on the effects of masticatory muscle training discovered that it does improve maximum bite force and muscle endurance. However, researchers have not found a link between masticatory muscle training and the benefits promised by jaw exercise devices. Instead, many professionals have pointed out risks.

Risks Associated with Jawzrsize

The dental community is still evaluating the potential risks associated with jaw exercise equipment. So far, three risks stand out as the most common. Dentists have identified issues with changing bite positions, temporomandibular disorders (TMD), and gastrointestinal damage. All three have serious dental consequences if left untreated.

Changing Bite Positions

Dentists can expect to notice shifting teeth in patients who regularly use Jawzrsize and other equipment that places non-chewing force on the teeth. These devices create force at different angles, causing the teeth to move out of position. As the teeth shift, patients risk developing alignment issues.

This risk is most significant in patients who have periodontal disease. Even those in the early stages could experience extreme tooth shifting, especially with the front teeth. The teeth could bend out, causing patients to require orthodontic treatment. Without such treatment, patients will have difficulty eating and could experience bone loss and other issues.


Patients can develop TMD from Jawzrsize. The rubber ball puts stress on the temporomandibular joint. Eventually, patients might injure their jaws, causing popping and clicking sounds and pain. If this trend continues to spread around social media, dentists might see an increased number of patients presenting with TMD and associated problems. These patients will require treatment to undo the effects of using jaw exercise equipment. Without such treatment, they can expect to deal with symptoms for the rest of their lives.

Gastrointestinal Damage

Jawzrsize users engage in non-nutritive chewing. This act stimulates stomach acid production, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Along with causing gastritis, it can cause acid reflux. Over time, acid reflux can erode the teeth. This can increase pain and sensitivity while also making patients more prone to cavities. It can even lead to tooth loss in some cases. Dentists who notice teeth erosion issues should counsel patients on practices that can make the problem worse, such as Jawzrsize. Otherwise, their patients will eventually require restorative treatments to fix the damage caused by the device.

Helping Patients Through the Jawzrsize Trend

Dentists are encouraged to speak to their patients about the dangers posed by social media trends. Patients should not use oral devices that aren’t vetted by professionals. By staying on top of trends, such as Jawzrsize, dentists can create dialogues with their patients. They can become trusted resources that patients speak to before engaging in dangerous activities, such as using jaw exercise devices. This is critical to helping patients maintain healthy smiles.


Author Bio: Cedric Jackson has spent decades researching and writing about dental trends and topics. These topics include do-it-yourself dental devices.

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